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  1. thanks for all the help provided and possible solutions and your time guys I really appreciate it finally i solved this error by going to steam folder and deleted every thing except -steamapps -steam.exe after that i just double clicked steam.exe and it updated the whole thing as fresh installation i just logged in my account and game worked like charm! this is how i fixed this problem it may now be closed and moved to solved section thanks you all have a nice day/night peace.
  2. i will try reinstall in other drive and I hope it will work and yeah my pc is up to date always also my dlcs are synced in settings but that install dates is definitely the problem because the error is between game and steam somewhere ...
  3. I want to know how sync jobs it really help if u tell me

  4. the game is NONE - Opt out of all beta programs and always up to date same as ATS and both have the same error "cannot access steam client " i have tried the compatibility all unchecked for both games still same error I have tried to uninstall games and re install still same error and what confuses me is all steam games works great only ETS2 / ATS cannot access steam client !!!!! - when i reinstalled the ETS2 i saw something suspicious about the DLCs install dates 01/01/1970 and i think maybe steam have wrong date what makes it unable to co
  5. First many thanks for your reply but unfortunately none of these help i can't launch the game even offline mode I have tried to uninstall and reinstall still same error "... cannot access steam client" i even tried the steam support they gave me poor answer and other games works fine
  6. I have been facing an error recently that i cannot start game ETS2 or ATS i get this error I have tried all possible solutions and no fix yet regardless that my other steam games works perfectly please any help with many thanks in advance.
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