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Found 18 results

  1. Hey! I have a problem with downloading the mod, I did the exact same as my friend (and it works for him) and it doesn't work for me. I attached where I put it and the error message. Previously I could actually open the launcher but then when I tried to play the mod it would say something along the lines of "You have update 1.36 when the mod requires 1.35" or something, tried to opt out of betas and change the update in the properties on steam.
  2. Ola a todos estou com problemas para atualizar o lauchermp, quando eu baixo a atualização ressecaria no termino do download nao instala a atualizacao e aparece la pra mim baixar de novo o coreets2mp.dll e nao consigo jogar alguem pode me dar uma dica de como resolver? obrigado
  3. Hello everyone am here to ask for help there is a person that has the following problem when he access the server list in truckersMp launcher it shows the servers like this he needs help
  4. GT900

    I need Help.

    So i just downloaded truckersMP. All was going right until my first job. I really need help with this problems. My first cargo always its late like 8000 days.Then I make it and no jobs appear. Its impossible to play now.Can someone help me?
  5. Hello, I am writing to you for the first time.Only when I am playing the game in the first person there are red squares on my screen.They are present all the time.I tried to preinstall the game, to change components in the PC, to make some changes in the settings and nothing was useful. I am new on this forum and i dont know wheather I am asking for help in a right way. I am going to send you some images of my problem. Thanks.
  6. Dear TMP Team, may it be that the servers have some problems we (VTC) will join into the game always in the offline mode ?
  7. Обърнете внимание, че не приемам кредит за нито едно от решенията, публикувани в тази тема. Те бяха събрани от всички форуми и се обединиха в една тема, за да помогнат на потребителите да разрешат най-често срещаните проблеми или да отговорят на най-често срещаните въпроси. Ако проблемът ви не е посочен или разрешен с помощта на тази тема, или създайте нова тема в секцията „Помощ“ (https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/forum/55-help/) или се свържете с поддръжката екип (http://truckersmp.com/support/) за допълнителна помощ. Езици: Български Използвани
  8. Hello. So as you could already imagine I have massive FPS issues. I play with everything on low 720p and I get 20fps.. I have a GeForce GT 1030 Intel Core i5-2400 8GB RAM DDR3 Please help me!
  9. I followed this problem in ETS 2. Is there a solution? I DO NOT list cargo fast contracts, I do not list cargos freight for my company, but only appears World trucks contracts. Accessing WORLD TRUCKS - SCS SOFTWARE. The following message appears (read below) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EUROPEAN CONTRACT "ERROR WHEN COMMUNICATING WITH THE SERVICE (PROTOCOL MISMATCH). PLEASE TRY AGAIN LATER, WE ARE SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE." ------------------------------------------------
  10. hii my friend need help When he buy ETS2 they make an account on TruckersMP and when he want to play and when he write his email and password they say "Email or password is invalid" but he is mean his wrong write his email or pass and he is try my acc (email and pass) but they also doesnt want work and they also say "Email or password is invalid" and he watching on yt and one man say to try support Truckermp they help him and that is it Im try all stuffs and they not help me but guys pleasee helpp mee " theses credentials do not match our records"
  11. Here is my Problem in TruckerMP. https://pastebin.com/K4GiiK34 Crash.log
  12. You've got no jobs on your job list, what do you do? Follow this guide, and I will talk you through how to fix your jobs list Close ETS2, but keep Steam open Open your ETS2 profiles folder in your Documents (on Windows, this is usually "C:\Users\[your user name here]\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\profiles") Navigate to the profile in which the issue is occuring (if unsure, look at the date in which the fodler was "modified" and this will tell you which is which, as long as your last used profile was the one you are having problems with) Open config.cfg with a
  13. After update my game is with this problem someone knows how to fix ??
  14. 1* Então isso esta sendo um conflito aparentemente , estou trabalhando em cima disso para verificar aonde esta sendo o problema , assim que possível dou um parecer no Fórum fique atento ! 2* Apague todos os dados tanto do multiplayer como do game steam , isso esta resolvendo o problema de muitos players já . 3* Configure o sistema de liberação de Firewall do seu computador. Se precisarem de ajudar só chamar. Atenciosamente . Tenente_Martins. Online Platform Tracking.
  15. Hello people, I'm from Germany so my English is not the best, but let us give this a try: I have the following problem: The Launcher of the ETS2MP (TruckersMP) begins ETS2 always in 64 bits. My play thereby falls always because the multiplayer modus runs only in 32 bits. How can I put it in such a way that it always starts in 32 bits? Thanks for all answers Kilian
  16. So i have downloaded the newest launcher, oh about 3 times and installed 5 times, all come up with the same message. ATS is on 1.5. http://prntscr.com/dk0x1d Help?
  17. Hello everyone ! Well i played yesterday like 1-2hours ETS2MP but today when i try to play game can't start. I add picture of error. http://imgur.com/a/kTpIV What i am supposed to do ?
  18. Hello guys mby who know what i have to do? i have a legal ETS2 in steam, and i wanna play mutliplayer, but I can`t and i get this error window, and in window write: "can not access the specified device or file. you may not have the proper legal elements to achieve"
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