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  1. @[Viva]Arctic Wolf Thanks for kind words . Was nice for 3 weeks driving with some nice and open heart people in Viva ! Even i made some friends I wish all best for Viva What's funny if u wanna know Arctic i've got kicked for being honest to very hurted boy BUT if u are honest guy that shoot words straight don't come to Viva :> Cheers
  2. I don't know if someone can post opinon about company here but still I' was driver for viva for like maxiumum 3 weeks cause i've got kicked ( and i am praying for that ) Good points of Viva - Nice drivershub that is counting ur delivery and how much did u earn and u get like XP to be higher etc etc - DRIVERS are friendly and ride together . - Some players help u more in support section that people from higher ranks - Convoys and events are nice and i cant argue that u feel in Viva like home - It's also nice when u drive on MP and see someone from Viva always make smile on ur face ) Bad points of Viva - Not all admins of viva are friendly ( LaxZ is selfish guy that cant take any opinion and change all into attack ) , ( Quad is banned in ETS so it's not good point of view for viva drivers) - You got problem with Tracker? Fine laxz will just say it's your fault and problem and he doesnt care at all ( I didn't know that head boss is like that. In my work when i say that something is broke or not working correcly my boss is happy that notice it and say) - I can't argue that drivers are friendly cause they're very open heart but to SAY something on discord while driving is hard. People that ride together speak non-stop so u can't even say something - I was in 2 convoys and i need to watch to my language ( even when i think a swear word is not such a big problem) i need to avoid swear words cause guy is streaming , when u guys go to pub for a beer you also avoid swear words? At my opnion Viva is nice company but not that nice like people are saying its OK but not perfect that i gonna jump like child cause i drive for some VTC . 6/10 U can LaxZ attack me here but i totally don't care . Maybe i don't have calm behaviour but atleast i am not Perma Banned like some of Viva admins
  3. I think it will be nice when u are going to Belgium for example and see Belgian police livery. Each country u drive in admins should use another irl liveries
  4. Hello everyone ! Well i played yesterday like 1-2hours ETS2MP but today when i try to play game can't start. I add picture of error. http://imgur.com/a/kTpIV What i am supposed to do ?
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