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  1. Okay now i understand I was just wondering for so bit virtual company was just weird for me. I wish u all nice evening
  2. ^ So as company u don't care about lights , riding in the wrong way ? I thought after ur all videos on YT to try be very professional company try be also professional on road not only to got your own liveries ( idk how to call it ridebooks? or something like this ) If one person on MP drive without any respect to the rules don't mean that company with that good name should also do it " Anyone runs through red lights these days so i don't see what you are complaining about " its a shot in the knee for real How can u show/want people to join u with u don't care at all ? Just my point of view , u dont need to like it or accept but i think u should represent some level as company. Kind regards Namorini
  3. I didn't know that convoys are driving more than 90 kmh/s i forgot that's the best and the biggest virtual company that totally doesnt care about law and another stuff. Easy to see you in route calais-duisburg
  4. New Police design (Europe)

    I think it will be nice when u are going to Belgium for example and see Belgian police livery. Each country u drive in admins should use another irl liveries
  5. ETS2MP don't want to start

    Hello everyone ! Well i played yesterday like 1-2hours ETS2MP but today when i try to play game can't start. I add picture of error. What i am supposed to do ?