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  1. Suggestion Name: Change the place of the CB on the Volvo Suggestion Description: Change the place of the CB on the Volvo Any example images: I Image Credit: Vader Why should it be added?: You cannot see what channel you are on because the button to change channel is blocking the number
  2. Name / Anlass: Die Abendfahrt Spiel (ATS / ETS): ETS Datum: 25.02.2021 Beginn: 20 Uhr / 19 Uhr UTC Ende (ca.): 23 Uhr Strecke / Länge: 1384 km Start: Warschau / Sunbuilder nach Jassy / Rimaf Bild zur Route folgt Leitung bzw. Durchführender: Die Nord GbmH / Inter-LOGISTIK Sicherheit Link zum Eventsystem: https://truckersmp.com/events/1096-die-abendfahrt
  3. Hey Everyone! So a couple of us in KGT wanted to see how long it of a job we could do without losing our minds! We devised a route From Haql (Part of ME Add on for PM) to Bolungarvk in Iceland, we started at 7:30pm (gmt) and finished at 0:59am so we'll say 1am. It clocked in at 6115KM driven distance, think it was around 8100km with the ferries added. It was a great drive, There was only two of us, basically testing the route for future use, i made some changes to the route to gett a bit more distance nothing drastic and it was fine, ouR longest stint being through central europe.
  4. Oyuna yeni başlayacaklara ve başlayanlara benim oyunda deneyimlediğim bilgileri sizinle paylaşacağım Bu rehber Mp hakkında yeni oyuncuların bilmesi gerekenleri en kısa ve sade anlaşılır şekilde hazırladım umarım faydası olur. Multiplayer kayıt olma Öncelikle oyunu yeni alıp ilk defa oynayacak olanlar , çevrimdışı oynayarak belli bir zamanda oyuna alışınca ve MP kurallarını uyacağına hazırsanız kayıt başvurusunda bulunabilirsiniz. Buradan https://truckersmp.com/ kayıt olabilirsiniz. Mp kurulum rehberi youtube'dan bulabilirsiniz. NOT: Multiplayer
  5. Witam, wielu z was ma problem, gdyż jak uruchomicie TruckersMP, to nie możecie poruszać myszką. Poniżej przedstawiam poradnik jak, to naprawić. NIEDZIAŁAJĄCA MYSZKA Przechodzimy do Dokumenty/Euro Truck Simulator 2, w tym folderze usuwamy plik config.cfg oraz Dokumenty/Euro Truck Simulator 2/profiles/ProfileID, usuwamy config.cfg oraz profile.sii Uruchamiamy TMP, myszka powinna już działać.
  6. I would like to ask if it goes to ets2 mp to give a mod to change the voice in the navigation?
  7. ÖNCELİKLE Belgerimden/Euro Truck Simulator 2 KLASÖRÜNÜ SEÇİNİZ. Config dosyasını not defteri ile açın İçini açtıkdan sonra uset g_console "1" uset g_developer "1" uset g_save_format "2'' Yapıştırnız. Şimdi Profiles> [SEÇTİĞİNİZ PROFİL DOSYANIZ] Girdiğinizde tekrardan config.cfg dosyasını NOT DEFTERİ İle açın< ŞİMDİ TEKRARDAN uset g_console "1" uset g_developer "1" uset g_save_format "2'' YAPIŞTIRIN. ŞİMDİ İSE OYUNDA HIZLI KAYIT VEYA NORMAL LKAYIT YAPTIĞINIZ [[[DORSELİ]]] KAYITI AÇINIZ. ŞİM
  8. Hi there, checking the Steam Workshop I found many Mods working in MP like chasis, engines, some Paint Jobs, etc. I want to know how Can I do for my VTC can use a Mod in MP on ours convoys, I have a paint job for my Company! I ask this because I have noticed on Steam Workshop many mods working on MP. Thanks for helping me.
  9. При входе на сервер promods выдает ошибку "Cannot create temp crash log file!". При этом на обычный сервер я могу зайти. Что делать? (Простите за качество фото)
  10. Beyler bayanlar daha önceki windows 10 sürümümde oyunu gayet güzel bir şekilde hatasız oynayabiliyordum aradan uzun süre geçti format falan attım ve oyunun yükleme ekranındayken yani turuncu çizgi dolarken oyundan atmaya başladı. Forum forum dolaştım fakat bir çözüm bulamadım umarım yardım edebilirsiniz şimdiden teşekkürler game.log.txt
  11. Hello, I would like to save edit both of the pilot beacons onto the skoda. I would describe myself as reasonably proficient in save editing and I copied the extra accessory, before adding it to the list of accessories and changing the number of accessories by +1. Unfortunately, this did not work. How can I do this successfully? Regards, Quality_Productions
  12. Suggestion Name: Clarification on "invalid accessory set detected" message Suggestion Description: show which accessory part is invalid. Any example images: No Why should it be added?: A lot of people get kicked and get the "invalid accessory set detected" message but they just don't know why. I think it would be helpful to include the file name or DLC name that is unsupported to prevent useless topics on the forum. Example: "You were kicked from the game. Reason: Invalid accessory set detected. Prohibited accessory in use: Belgian Paint Jobs Pack is not supported in Mul
  13. Steam id: shaji_pappan we can start a community with all the players interested to join.
  14. Buenas noches amigos conductores de la carretera, soy nuevo en ATS MP, y me gusto mucho este juego, de hecho he grabado mi aventura y la quiero compartir con ustedes, soy nuevo en esto de hacer videos, hice un montage tambien, incluido en el video, buenas tomas y paisajes y ocurren muchas cosas, quiero que me dejen su comentario dandome su opinión, soy nuevo en la comunidad y espero sea una buena comunidad en el foro, receptiva, asi como lo son en el modo multiplayer. Si pueden, apoyenme con un like, proximamente subire mas aventuras de este gran juego!. Entren en el enlace pa
  15. I can't be the only one who is waiting for the MACK truck to come into MP? Im that kinda person who don't like to drive in SP and hate to downgrade all the time so i always wait until the new content im waiting for is coming to MP before i play again but i guess i can't be the only one? I also think it's kinda annoying when i in the last days where going into the MP launcher and the current version is version: but the MACK trucks are in the version: 1.37 but the supported current version is: so everytime im starting the lancher and there is updates in it then i a
  16. -LINEAGE-


    I was listening to the music and enjoying the delivery, but the hacker blew it up, damaged it and flipped it over, I hit F7+Enter and the package disappeared. Where did your luggage go? It could not be resumed with a quick save.
  17. Suggestion Name: Collision Registering Suggestion Description: A script or system wich detects automatically if someone crashes into another player or object and then registers these collisions. So if someone crashes more often it gets automatic reviewed. This could make the report reviewing much more effective and easier, and the maniacs and trollers get busted automatically after a while. Any example images: I have no example pictures of this suggestion because simply there are no examples to be found. Why should it be added?: This will make the game more
  18. Salve a tutti , vi chiedo cortesemente di aiutarmi a risolvere un problema giocando in multiplayer su ogni server con ets2 In qualsiasi momento il SYSTEM mi KICKA dal server scelto con messaggio UNRELIABLE CONNECTION, premessa ho la fibra TIM da 200 e il collegamento PC-MODEM è con cavo Ethernet. Grazie
  19. Hi, I recently installed ETS2 on steam + all map DLCs except the new one. I installed TruckerMP and ProMods and everything worked fine. I could play online on ProMods server with friends. I played like 2 days and on 3rd day after i didn't do anything to the game i could not load any save in MP ProMods. When i check MODS, all are red and say that its gone from my pc or it is incompatible. I have 1.36 version of ETS2 and the latest ProMods, even the Winter MOD dosn't work. BTW: promods and wintermode works fine on singleplayer. I reinstalled ETS2 and deleted saves, even from cloud, created new p
  20. Ola galera tudo bem, entao sou novo aqui e to com dificuldade em entra no mp o meu erro nao abre e fica com erro de erro quando vai abrir ja resolveu erro da verção agora tem esse erro aqui Imagem alguem pode me ajuda pf
  21. Hey truckers! Are you tired of the normal navigator? 1. Go the Binds settings --> And search Quick save --> Set bind, what do you want 2. Go the game and press button, when you just set (Quick save) 3. Attention!!! Do not forgot buy gps to glass. (Customice your truck). 4. Now time to download HUD files. Link: https://sharemods.com/paonbcrpbm9c/extern10.zip.html 5. Search your Euro Truck Simulator 2 folder. Windows: Documents --> Euro Truck Simulator 2 and extract to file (extern10). 6. Download SII D
  22. Wir das Team von DWL suchen fleißige Bienchen die uns gerne ünterstüzen wollen. Gesucht wird Fahrer/in die spaß haben mit einem verrückten Haufen zu spielen. Selbstverständlich geht das Privatleben vor. Das solltest Du mitbringen: - mindestens 18 Jahre jung -Teamspeak und funktionierendes Headset -Kenntnisse über die StVo -ein minimum an aktivität sollte erkennbar sein -eine menge Humor Was wir Dir bieten: -WhatsApp Gruppe und TS³ -Trucksbook als Abrechnungssoftware -Festgehalt -
  23. Hello Truckers, Suggestion Name: We have to relax your service exit. Suggestion Description: As you know, there are a lot of accidents in places with heavy traffic. Actually, there is no need to be a rule or punishment to get ahead of it, everything starts in the gamer, if we are go properly and respectfully, the accident happens very little. Any example images: Why should it be added?: Admin's can not reach every region at any moment, i suggest that; Everyone bumps into each other because they want to leave immediately. So the player in the service area who
  24. Vážení uživatelé Discordu, zde je návod, jak získat jedinečné uživatelské Discord ID, užitečné pro případ, pokud si budete přát nahlásit uživatele. 1. Nejprve musíte povolit vývojářský režim. Přejděte do „Nastavení“ v levém dolním rohu vašeho klienta Discord, například: 2. Dále musíte nalevo vyhledat kartu nazvanou „Vzhled“. 3. Musíte najít "Vývojářský režim". Lze jej najít, pokud na kartě "Vzhled" přejdete dolů. Od nynějška, kdykoli kliknete pravým tlačítkem myši na jméno uživatele, získáte možnost „Kopírovat ID“ Příklad:
  25. Nick w grze: MADERO Wiek: 17 lat Miejsce zamieszkania: woj. pomorskie Sterowanie: Kierownica FGT 3 in 1 SteamID 64 lub adres do profilu steam: STEAM_0:1:176526364 | https://steamcommunity.com/id/MADEROCZITER/ Staż w grze: 300h Czy dostałeś kiedykolwiek bana?: Nie Przedstaw się: Mam na imię Grzegorz. We wrześniu skończę 17 lat i mieszkam w województwie pomorskim. Chodzę do szkoły zawodowej na Mechanik pojazdów samochodowych. Interesuję się motoryzacją i lubię sobie pograć w cs'a oraz ets. Mój ulubiony gatunek piosenki to pop i niektóre disco polo, ogólnie sł
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