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  1. I have recently installed some modifications onto my ETS2 game, I have a DAF XF 750HP mod, DAF XF Eu6 750HP mod and a Man/Mercedes hybrid mod. I have downloaded all of these from accepted links which I found on the forum but they do not work and the game does not allow them. Is there a way I can get them to work as I've seen people driving around in Hybrids and I'm kinda getting desperate. Hope to hear a reply soon, Petaflop
  2. So i was reading the forums and found this thread that shows what mods are allowed in multiplayer. http://forum.ets2mp.com/index.php?/topic/6812-allowed-mods/ Reading that, it is allowing modded trucks and trailers. so i decided to tinker with my trucks, found how to extract the files, did some editing to an engine. The mod showed up fine in single player. I tried going into multiplayer and the mod seems to be gone, mod manager showing a red exclamation mark. So i though i did something wrong and decided to download one of the supported mods and try that and see how that works. I downloaded this mod: http://mods.ets2mptr.com/mod/man-tgx-750-hp.html The problem persists. it worked fine in singleplayer, shows an exclamation mark in multiplayer (see attached screenshot). Supposedly, allowed mod should work in multiplayer. It doesnt. So it looks like i am missing something else. What am i doing wrong? or is that thread outdated and no mods are allowed now? Thanks, Strazdas
  3. Nazwa Sugestii: Serwer z mapami Poland Rebulding, ProMods, Rus Map Opis Sugestii: Urochomienie serwera który obsługiwałby mapy z modów: Poland Rebulding, ProMods oraz Rus Map Przykładowe obrazki: brak Dlaczego twoja sugestia a nie inna?: Umożliwiało by to zwiedzanie nowych miast oraz państw z innymi graczami nie dostępnych w orginalnych mapach z gry.
  4. Hi everyone, I was wondering whether mods are allowed as I spotted this beauty parked in Oslo yesterday. I really want to use a custom interior and from this I've deducted that mods are allowed however I need some clarification. Huge thanks!
  5. Hi! I've got only a question... I started playing ets2 MP around a week ago, it's all ok, but my question is, can I use a texture mod when I'm playing MP? I'm not trying to use any other mod, only the texture mod. Thanks! Here is a picture of my Scania ;D
  6. Hello i wonder how do you add mods to your multiplayer i want a skin mod to work in multiplayer but i dont know how to get it into the game in multiplayer can somone tell me please?
  7. Hello guys, I have a question. So i want to add mods for singleplayer like Trucks. But what if i want to go online and disable the mods vefore i go online do i need to make a new profile? ~ Drakking50
  8. is there any way to have sound mods online
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