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Found 17 results

  1. Hello. Have you ever driven the bus (dbus world) in the game? Pros and cons?
  2. Hi ! After I updated my Sounds/Games Drivers I Can't Hear any sound from EST2/Truckersmp How can i fix it? I Reinstalled the drivers
  3. First of all, Welcome to TruckersMP #1 I Will Write Articles Thinking You Have Just Started Here If You Know Some Subjects, You Are Also Knowing The Game. At TruckersMP, You Meet Many Different People. Some Of These Are Aggressive Angered , Some People Apologize Calm People It's Best For You To Be Calm Because You are less likely to eat ban would be If someone crosses the opposite lane and crashes into your vehicle or truck, you just need to save a screenshot If you do this, you can easily ban the other party from the server for a limited time. We recommend that you do not fight in the game. Because it's a game Yes Only 1 Game! There may be minor accidents in the game, we recommend that you do not get angry. You Can Do These To Ban The Other Party In Any Event #2 Manager Accidentally Banned Me What Should I Do? Unlikely an Admin will ban you accidentally because he is also human. If you think this you need to have proof! All You Have To Do Is Throw A Ticket If a forum administrator gets this he will take care of you! EASY #3 Just Started The Game What Should I Do? In This Case, You Can Watch The Videos Of The Game On A Social Media Platform ( educational ones xD ) #4 I Get Different Bugs In The Game What Can I Do You Can Search This In The Forum! I Hear You Say What We Can Do If We Can't Find It! In This Case It Will Be Sufficient To Throw A Ticket Or You Can Ask For Help In The Forum yes again easy :) #5 How I Can Talk to People in the Game? Press X (it's a joke but the key is correct) You can talk with the x key and write with the y(maybe t idk)key. Crowded places of the game between calais and duisburg You can usually find a citizen of your country, but we recommend that the spoken language is English (English Main Language) Best Regards, ? Arda Bal (User)
  4. could anyone please help me, i have no idea how to make a drivers hub, if you could help apply on my site: https://exoticlogistics1.wixsite.com/exoticlogistics or quote this post, thanks for any help!
  5. Guest

    Comboio GCEE

    COMBOIO OFICIAL G.C.E.E - 13/04/2019 Olá, convido a todos para mais um comboio da GCEE, a empresa mandante desse sábado será a SBS Xpress e estão todos convidados a participar, como de costume todos os nossos comboios são observados por GMs da TruckersMP, então sigam as regras para evitar penalidades. Abaixo estão algumas Informações do comboio: Data: 13/04/2019 Concentração: 20h00 (Horário Oficial de Brasília) Saida: 21h00 (Horário Oficial de Brasília) Cidade de Saída: Milão (Libellula) Cidade de destino: Frankfurt (WGCC) Carga: Escolha ou crie uma carga ! Servidor: Euro 2 Server Reserva: Euro 3 REGRAS Não é permitido ultrapassar no comboio. Respeito às Escoltas, GMs e todos acima de tudo. Contamos com sua presença! . Ordem de Saída e maiores informações disponível em nosso site. Acesse nosso site: http://www.gcee.com.br/
  6. Weazel Logistic Group Die Die Weazel Logistic Group sucht aktuell weitere Fahrer und Fahrerinnen. Unsere Gründung ist nicht lange her, deswegen bauen wir eine eigene VTC (Virtuell Trucking Company) auf. Du hast die Möglichkeit dich bei uns zu bewerben, wir suchen aktive Fahrer und Fahrerinnen. Welche Voraussetzungen sollte ein Bewerber mitbringen? Du solltest das 14. Lebensjahr begonnen haben Du solltest eine gewisse geistige Reife besitzen Du solltest bestmöglich Erfahrung in ETS2 TruckersMP mitbringen Deine Mikrofon Qualität sollte angenehm sein und keine Störgeräusche beinhalten Deine Bewerbung kannst du bei einer unserer Driving Manager oder Driving Instructor einreichen oder bewerbe dich einfach über TrucksBook! Bei weiteren Fragen oder Anregungen helfen wir gerne weiter. TrucksBook - Weazel Logistic Group DiscordApp Server - Weazel Logistic Group Die Weazel Logistic Group wünscht allen Bewerbern und Bewerberinnen viel Glück und viel Erfolg!
  7. Hej wszyscy Co myslicie o utworzeniu Wirtualnej Spedycji w grze OMSI 2, wszystkie systemy takie jak w vs w Ets2 tylko ze pare rzeczy miało by sie zmienic, np ze kazdy kierowca miał by przypisaną swoją linie itd. Dajcie znac co myslicie
  8. Du verbringst die meiste Zeit im LKW und suchst nur noch nach einer passenden Spedition? --- Herzlich willkommen bei der Floropa Logistik GmbH --- Wir suchen ab sofort neue Fahrer/innen für jegliche Güter. Bei uns steht der Spielspaß im Vordergrund. Es gibt daher keinen Zwang. Wir wünschen uns jedoch, dich auf der Ein oder anderen Fahrt begrüßen zu dürfen. Wir verfügen über einen eigenen TS3-Server und sind immer on the road. Wenn du ebenfalls "auf der Straße lebst", aber nicht allein sein möchtest, bist du bei uns genau richtig! Bewirb dich am besten gleich! Was wir dir bieten: deutschsprachige, aktive Spedition eigenen TeamSpeak-Server zur Kommunikation freie Auftragswahl, da alle DLCs im Besitz Was erwarten wir von dir: eigener LKW Mindestalter: 16 lockere und annehmliche Umgangsform unter Kollegen grundlegende Kenntnisse der STVO / vernünftige Fahrweise Kontakt: Webseite: www.floropa.de e-Mail: [email protected] Steam: Floropa Logistik GmbH Facebook: www.fb.me/FloropaLogistikGmbH Twitter: @FloropaLogistik Teamspeak: ts3.sboc-multigaming.de Wir freuen uns auf deine Bewerbung! Viele Grüße aus Berlin
  9. Aló Brasileiros, à SBS XPRESS completou 1 ano de existência, e decidiu ampliar suas vagas de motoristas. você que procura uma empresa seria, porém divertida, então garanta sua vaga!!! Basta preencher o formulário abaixo e aguardar nosso contato: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScXeQDkbR0upXTkBE6kARpWzJwPstagzTOytu00yHdIQbEzcQ/viewform Att: Marinho Britto - Gerente
  10. We had come to a standstill because of a previous accident and as we where about to pull off we had this truck come belting up our inside and swerves into our lane, he nearly hit the driver in front of me, please see the photo for the driver info and the video for proof. If this is in the wrong place please feel free to move it to the right place. Thanks Edit: I cant upload the video as its too large maybe someone could contact me more directly and allow me to upload it.
  11. Hello guys, I was in a city, and some random guy was writing searching for drivers or managers. And I did not understand it. Can anyone tell me about, or like how to be part of it, for example if I want to be a driver. Thanks.
  12. http://pastebin.com/tQJ81GaJ this is the game_log.txt, I don't have a crash file.. The problem is, if I press F7 to go to service, the game remains on a black screen, and also, if I use the ferry/train, I have this black screen.. What should I do? Thanks!
  13. So I just saw a rank and I was wondering how to start obtaining this sort of rank! (Sorry if this is the wrong place admins please tell me if so!)
  14. can I use Realistic Physics Mod online???
  15. Hi guys, since i started building my own company with 4 drivers employed, they all did about 31 jobs now they stopped delivering. Everytime i log in, after the game gets the server time, my drivers claim to need 100+ hours to get to their destination. I tried economy resets etc. but without luck. Should i just fire them and sell the trucks? Seems like a major bug to me, because it worked fine the last 2 weeks, then after the last update i played hours and hours without any of my drivers arriving somewhere... THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT!! Even without employees ist a great game and fun to play every day! Greetings from Germany, Philipp
  16. Grettings i have a problem playing the MP since yesterday after a lot of effort i bought finaly another truck to hire a driver but the problem here is since yesterday the driver i have hired still "resting" in the garage i don´t know why what to do for he to make jobs he already have a truck assigned a lot of in game hours hace pass and in real time to but nothing could anyone guide me how to solve this issue Thanks.
  17. Hallo...a have a prroblem. I wanted to try ETS MP... but I go back to my SG and my driver have been in work 3000+ hours. Yes, I know, ETS MP is beta and have bugs, I had to create another profile. What I need...need any program to open drivers config in documents and overwrite it to 2h back. Or is there any other way to fix this ?
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