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  1. Yeah no problem how do I delete the thread/post thingy
  2. To be honest I was going to report the person who turned off but they got away and they he cut us up. and in my opinion its a simulator not gta, behaviour like that deserves atleast some minor punishment
  3. I have uploaded the video right here, you can faintly see his name however his number is really visible
  4. We had come to a standstill because of a previous accident and as we where about to pull off we had this truck come belting up our inside and swerves into our lane, he nearly hit the driver in front of me, please see the photo for the driver info and the video for proof. If this is in the wrong place please feel free to move it to the right place. Thanks Edit: I cant upload the video as its too large maybe someone could contact me more directly and allow me to upload it.
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