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World Of Trucks


Found 15 results

  1. Hello, i can not use world of trucks. My account is succesfully connected to world of trucks. If u choose "external assignments" i get the error "This service is not compatible with the current version of your game. Please check if there is a new patch for the game." If i press ESC, i get on the top left the message "Connection to World of Trucks has been broken" My ETS2 is on the beta version 1.37. I hope someone can help me. I didn´t found a topic about this. If you need more information like screenshots, please tell me. Thanks
  2. Promods oynarken yöneticiden oyundan çıkmak zorunda kaldım tekrar girmek istediğimde ise Sorry, but your Steam ID is already associated with existing TruckersMP account. şu hatayı aldım lütfen yardımcı olabilirmisiniz ? Hesabımın çalınmadığına eminim.
  3. Title: Connect to server in non-collisions areas only Description: Sometimes you are driving along a long and boring road, then suddenly you get to a standstill. A couple of seconds later, another player connects. He disconnected or lost connection on the road, and now reconnected on the road. But at the moment he was connecting at the road, you were driving there. Your truck gets heavily damaged, and there was nothing you can do about it because you did not count on connecting players being in your way. This is frustrating, annoying and it will hurt your wallet due to repairs (
  4. Hello, my problem is that I have every country-DLC but I don't get any jobs from or to one of these countries. I already try to solve the problem, but I cannot connect my DLCs to WoT. I tryed to LogOut/In from WoT-acc in Ets. I tryed to reinstall the DLCs. I tryed to connect the DLC in ETS/options/Online, but thats the thing I gonna see if I open this option -> Transleted in english, "no connection to new content of Wot, cause the Steam-acc you use isn't the acc which is used from Wot". But I am connected to Wot with this acc/
  5. Bu Klavuz @PrototypeGR tarafından MP oynarken sorun yaşayan oyuncular için hazırlanmıştır. Bu klavuzda tüm sorunları ve kendisinin bulduğu mümkün çözümleri bulabilirsiniz. İçindekiler 1. Oyun Problemleri Fatal Error Hatası Net Framework Hatası Core Connection Hatası System.OutOfMemoryException Hatası Launcher Connection Hatası Insufficient memory Hatası Cannot create game process Hatası Steam Hatası D3DCompiler_47.dll missing Hatası Data2.mp/Scoda_car.mp Hatas
  6. Hello from indonesia Recently i bought ETS2 from steam, but after installed truckersMP it says "cant connect to server" for a million time Once i checked my internet, it runs well Tried reinstall MP and ETS2 didnt work pls help Sorry for bad english
  7. When I enter the server, my game exits the main screen.I enter, everything normal, I choose the profile, everything normal, loads normal then when I boot into the drive it loads up a part and when it connects on the server the game minimizes and it stays that way.
  8. I have problems connecting, I tried to connect to any server available but I still have problems already tried to reset the router but nothing, change the dns, reset firewall of windosw and repair the line with programs from you in the various posts. I have a connection of 39 ping to 5mb of dowloand and 0.8mb upload.
  9. Guest

    Help with conecting

    Hellow, i have opened a ticket , with error USER or PASSWORD. I am connected to the webpage with user, all things ok... but when i use launcher and try to join example : europe 3... it gives me error USERNAME or PASSWORD bad or non existent.... what am i doing wrong admin? ... it's not first time i played online, but for some reason, i only can login into truckersmp webpage but not launcher. Thank you guys
  10. i can connect to eu 1 server only. I want to play on eu 2 server but i cant connect to it. Help please.
  11. Jest jakaś komenda na połączenie bądź odnowienie połączenia bo przez ostatni czas wywala mi czasem internet i gra przechodzi w offline. Jakieś pomysły jak z powrotem dołączyć.
  12. Servus, gibt es eine Möglichkeit wieder auf den Server zu joinen, ohne das Spiel neuzustarten? Servus, Is there a way to rejoin the server without rebooting the game? Gruß Flo
  13. Guest

    Cant Connect To EU2 Server

    it just says connecting to europe#1 server.... and thats it wont connect nothing more is said
  14. Euro Truck Simulator 2 multiplayer was fine for me 2 days ago and now I can't connect, It doesn't give me the option to choose a server just puts me strait into single player. if anyone knows how to fix this please tell me it would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Hello, for some time I have concerns I connect in multiplayer yet I see 350 people currently connected, my client is up to date and ETS2MP I have read and found that there have a concern at the server But you not have a fix for this because how can some explain that this connected? Sorry for the english i'm french. cordially
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