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Found 11 results

  1. For example: Changing "detail_model: "/vehicle/truck/skoda_superb/car.pmd"" to "detail_model: "/vehicle/ai/lancer_x/ai.pmd"". Suggestion Name: Allow AI models to be used on Skoda. Suggestion Description: Basically allowing players to change the Skoda's chassis models, lods and collisions(and shadows) to that of an AI car's chassis. How this can be done besides save editing is having different chassis in the shop under AI cars and have every ai car model available for player's to use. Any example images: Why should it be added?: Allows for more variety for types of cars to use, some of the AI cars also have police and scout versions which can be useful for admins and CC.
  2. Suggestion Name: Removing AI cars from Special Transport DLC (ETS2) in exchange for player pilot cars. Suggestion Description: One of two main problems with special transport DLC is AI driven cars, as we know they cannot and will not be implemented. So why not just remove them? (I know, easier said then done) in exchange make it OBLIGATORY for truck with oversize load to have at least one pilot car. Of course pilot car for reason of warning other players, not to control traffic. I can even come with set of rules for such a situation that truck and pilot would have stick to. Any example images: none. Why should it be added?: As it is one of most interesting DLC (IMHO), it should be natural path to try to somehow implement it into mp. As we already have really huge cargos (double trailers, multi axis transports), it wouldn't change that much in terms of players crashing into each other. It would create more player to player interactions and mabye temper a little bit habit of racing trucks 150km/h over highway corners ;] Thanks to truckersMP staff and developers!
  3. Suggestion Name: VTC Singleplayer Paintjob In MP Suggestion Description: The way this system would work is very similar to the admin / moderator vehicles allowing Select VTC's to put their single player truck skins in MP so their drivers can use it, you could also do a rent system like the vtc has to pay so much money a month to pay for the time and such it takes to put those skins in and make it so their vtc is the only one who could use the skin Any example images: https://imgur.com/a/LZLO2bb Why should it be added?: I think this should be added because this will bring more of a fun aspect to the game and it will be easier to identify VTC's due to some people like to impersonate VTC"s to get them in a bad spotlight
  4. -> I do not know exactly whether this is possible and I would like to apologize already if that was already noted. Suggestion Name: Trucks on the Restplaces / Truck Stops Suggestion Description: Its all about adding some Trucks to the Restplaces just like in SP. Any example images: Why should it be added?: Rest stops are often empty or only occupied with 1-2 players (even on #EU2) - you could create an great atmosphere just by adding a few trucks (like in the singleplayer) in which one does not feel so alone. i dont think about full Restplaces like in Germany but just a few Trucks would be nice.
  5. Suggestion Name: Add AI/bots to the servers Suggestion Description: When the server population is low, the roads feel empty and it would fill up the roads with AI trucks and cars. If the population ramps up then they would automatically despawn Any example images: None Why should it be added?: Because it makes the players feel less bored
  6. Hello I'm Ultra. I played alot of TruckersMP in the last 2 years or so. It is a very fun game if you don't look at the griefers ;D. I'd like to give the TruckersMP Team a suggetion, which is AI Traffic in TruckersMP. I can see that this propably would be a problem, because the server needs to spawn Traffic not only around you but also on 4000 other Players at times. It would be also nice, if the Traffic is the same for everyone, so you can't see your friend drive through an AI bus in your screen, because on his screen there is noone. But maybe you guys give it a go and you manage to master this problem . The Pros I thought of are: +The world feels a lot more alive and diverse, which adds to the replayability aspect of your mod. +Because the Server has some griefers online, it could force them to obey more traffic rules to not constantly crash with an AI car. +The Trucks would also obey the Traffic Rules more. For example: People in cities often rush to their destination ignoring lights and speed limits. If you add AI traffic, then suddenly these Trucks have to obey the rules to not crash and earn their money. The Cons i think of: -A big chunk of coding maybe? -System and server Resources need to be tested on that, -There would be more Traffic jams in popular cities. (But also: Hey thats life, traffic jams happen) If you could add this at some point of the developement, it would be awesome ^^
  7. Mr D

    New game mode

    afternoon, so as I recall about a month ago there was a "new game mode" teaser and ever since that I've heard nothing about the mode. any previous threads about this topic I've missed? or anyone just know whats happening with it? thanks.
  8. Dr.Weeds

    AI in mp?

    So I just joined a server and can't find any AI. Is that intended?
  9. robson17997

    Ruch AI

    Nazwa Sugestii: Dodanie ruchu AI Opis Sugestii: Aktualnie cała mapa nie ma ruchu AI.Gdyby był urozmaiciło by to grę Przykładowe obrazki: Nie posiadam. Dlaczego twoja sugestia a nie inna?: Pozwoliłoby to na urozmaicenie gry
  10. Swo6ix


    Hey. So I noticed that the in game calander got reset back to week one today. How do I get my workers to work again? Half of my workers are currently in a job and it will take them 2600 hours to complete it. How do I fix this? Thanks.
  11. Hey peeps, Just a quick question, what are the reasons for not having traffic enabled on the normal servers? Players causing queues could be one, although that would add some realism, server stability maybe? hmmm, is there any future plans to add in the AI traffic? I bring this up because atm the road are empty and not many simulated challenges arise, afterall driving is full of challenges. Thanks Tommy
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