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  1. Mr D

    ETS 2 MP mods

    well I've been playing around with additional customization mod and I can't seem to get the effect I want I want a daf euro 5 cab with old merc chassis but I can't pick merc the only chassis it gives me is MAN ? how can i get merc chassis ?
  2. Mr D

    ETS 2 MP mods

    of what I remember I just downloaded an scs file from online bought it SP i could use it in MP I can't do that anymore or?
  3. Mr D

    ETS 2 MP mods

    afternoon, so I remember about a year ago I had a truck on MP it was old merc on the bottom and old daf on top but after looking online I can't find anything like that are modified truck like this now banned or? if not where can I find these modified trucks other than ets2 mods .lt doesn't seem to want to work I put "trucks" in the category then move to the next page then it put me back into the "all categories" long story short where can I find a modded trucks for ets 2 MP?
  4. Mr D

    New game mode

    Yea helped me out a lot
  5. Mr D

    New game mode

    afternoon, so as I recall about a month ago there was a "new game mode" teaser and ever since that I've heard nothing about the mode. any previous threads about this topic I've missed? or anyone just know whats happening with it? thanks.
  6. problem solved thank you everybody
  7. No error message I press play ets 2 and as you see the launcher page thing closes it self and it doesn't open that's basically it and how how do I check to see if I have the latest net frame network ?? And how how do I verify my game cache??
  8. this is basically my problem worked fine the other day when I come on today just wont open I have tried uninstalling and installing no luck and I don't know what to do anymore
  9. And the speed boost and all the other things are allowed also ? 

    1. Smoky_TMP


      No, the others that can change the game experience for other are not allowed.

  10. Mr D

    No damage mod

    Probably in the wrong section but is it against the rules to use no damage mod ?
  11. Mr D


    *face palm* I was putting it in the wrong folder :/ thanks for the help :")
  12. Mr D


    yea I deleted it in game I still have it in my folder but how do I get it back ?
  13. Mr D


    I accidentally deleted my profile today and I cant get it back for some reason if anyone can help would be much appreciated
  14. Mr D

    its not a active ban I've been away for a while so it wont let me make a ban appeal it says but I don't want this on my history as its unfair should I just email the complaint to the second link ? 

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    2. JeKnYan


      Submit the complaint anyway

    3. Mr D

      Mr D

      already done bud .

    4. JeKnYan


      good to hear ;) 

  15. Mr D

    Winter mod

    Would this guide work know ?
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