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Found 11 results

  1. Suggestion Name: Disable the AFK kick (not timer) when the server population is below a certain threshold. Suggestion Description: Disable the AFK kick when the server is nowhere near full capacity so that players can be a bit more leisurely in their trucking during off-hours. When space is needed (when the server is above 75%-85% full or something like that), start kicking the ones who have been inactive the longest. Also, let players know with a message in chat when they're about to be kicked, so they can move if they're not actually AFK. Any example images: N/A Why should it be added?: When the server is fairly empty, I find it pleasant to take longer breaks between loads and have a snack, people watch, or just lay back a bit.Sometimes this means parking in the garage, sometimes it's by the repair station, or in a lot, and sometimes it's on the shoulder or in a truck stop. During off-hours, when server demand is lowest, I think it would be nice to see other truckers doing the same, either taking extended stops in rest stops as well, or just parking nearby to chat a bit. Making this change would allow players to take it a bit easier when less people are on, and also increase the average amount of players online during those times.
  2. Suggestion Name: Dynamic AFK grace period based on server capacity Suggestion Description: Set a default AFK time allowed and extend this if there are less players on the server than than the half of its capacity. Any example images: None. Why should it be added? Currently there's a fixed amount of away from keyboard time after when you'll get automatically kicked. Kicking inactive players after a short amount of time if the servers are busy is a good idea but there are times when this rule is just so strict. Eg.: I usually take a break from the game every hour to go to refresh myself and I do find myself being kicked off the server even if there are only a few players on it. Since there is no quick reconnect option I have to quit and relaunch the game, reload my profile, connect again. This makes the resting places at highways, the petrol stations and hotels in cities absolutely useless.
  3. Suggestion Name: Dynamic AFK detection + longer AFK time in parking lots Suggestion Description: Getting AFK kicked is removed in parking areas. To prevent long queues and overfilling the server, reaching a server threshold capacity, say 5 player slots left, will kick every player that is over the normal AFK limit. Any example images: None Why should it be added?: I personally felt that increased AFK times in parking areas will contribute to immersion and gives a reason of their existence on top of being practical in dealing with some real life stuff you need to do. I am fully aware short AFK times is how the devs deal with busy servers so I thought of a solution that dynamically adapts to how busy the server is while adding a very convenient feature. Busy servers should always have free slots in them because it will act like the current AFK system if the server is constantly above the threshold that triggers the kick. Small servers have the big benefit of being able to utilize longer AFK in parking areas and might help encourage players to distribute themselves among servers instead of swarming to one server and burdening it. For people worrying infinite afk in parking lot might fill up the server and lengthen the queue, remember it will automatically remove the kick immunity in parking lots once the server is near full and kick everyone that has been afk longer than normal and freeing more spots for incoming players. It's a server side thing and doable as far as I know. Here is how I imagine what they can do to implement it. Detect if a player is in a parking lot which triggers the message "press enter to rest" and then mark them as immune to getting kicked but their timer still ticks. When the server starts getting busy and the server detects that the threshold number they set is reached, it removes that kick immunity from parking lots and then check the timer of those players. If the timer of those players exceed above the normal afk timer, they are kicked from the server. If they are within the normal afk timer, they aren't kicked. When the server load is below the threshold, the kick immunity in parking lots is enabled again.
  4. Suggestion Name: AFK System and AFK parking rule Suggestion Description: I have thought of an AFK system for servers that can be very efficient and in turn optimize the server. What is written here is a vision of what I mean, is it a approved, the developer will consider what factors to apply in this suggestion. My idea is the following: I have thought about the existence a command or using the game pause to get into AFK mode, along with an AFK parking rule in which you can report. The idea of this is that when parking, you can enter a command "/ afk" or use the pause provided by the game to enter AFK mode. I will explain it in the following way, since it is a bit complex to understand my idea: Out of AFK mode: > Kick spent 10 minutes of not moving (like the current system). Within AFK mode: > In our nickname, a label will appear that says "(AFK)" or, failing that, the entire label changes color (I find this option more useful for administrators to identify) > Good parking in allowed places (here comes the AFK parking rule) > The truck block and cannot move. > If there are more than 50 or 100 players within the 250m (or 500m) radius, this server kick you. > If the server has a waiting list, ignore all the requirements and kick you immediately. > I don't know if this is possible, but I still sugest him: When entering AFK state, cancel all truck modifications, and have a default truck and trailer configuration (to optimize the area). Why should it be added?: It seems to me an interesting and necessary interesting system, which can solve the problem of the players that when receiving the warning that in a minute the server will kick it, they write something to the chat so that the counter is reset and thus remain infinitely. As explained above, it would be a very good way to optimize the server, preventing players from staying in AFK mode for 10 minutes (or infinitely) in places with too much traffic overloading the area and lowering the FPS. Also to give realism to the simulation of others, such as going on the highway and seeing trucks parked in the rest area for example, and so the environment is not so "empty". Any example images:https://imgur.com/Y2rJgN1
  5. Suggestion Name: /afk command Suggestion Description: A new command where you can do /afk while standing still and your truck/car will be frozen and you won't have any collisions. If you type /afk again your truck will unfreeze and you'll be in ghost mode for about 10 seconds. When /afk is typed you will not be kicked for afk. If you didn't type /afk and you're afk you will be kicked for afk after 10 minutes like it's now. Any example images: None Why should it be added?: This will allow people to be afk without being in anyone's way and it will allow people to be afk for longer times.
  6. Suggestion Name: Extend the server timeout time. Suggestion Description: My idea is, extend the timeout time when the server is not busy. Alternatively, extend the timeout time when parked in a designated parking spot. Any example images: None. Why should it be added?: Currently, I find afk timeout time a bit fast. I mean, I park to make a coffee and by the time I come back I'm disconnected.
  7. Merhabalar bildiğiniz gibi europe 4 sunucusunda oyunculara çarpmak yok. Peki ben yolda afk kalsam admin gelip bana kick yada ban atar mı?
  8. Hi! When i go afk while waiting for friends the server kicks me, i wonder if there is a way to reconnect without having to close the game and launching truckersmp again. Is there any command line on console or any shortcut to reconnect to the server i just got kicked off? Thank you
  9. I have been kicked about 5 minuets ago since i was afk (i had to pet a gecko) when i got back i was kicked (i was expecting tbh), but when i tried to log back in, it says i am being connected, but never finishes connecting me thus keeping out the online game, is this because i was afk? Note: I was a road trip with a friend, he also is having troubles connecting, could someone please tell and/or help me to solve my issue. Thank you, Danke,Děkuju!, Merci!
  10. Nazwa Sugestii: Zmiana czasu AFK w obrębie stanowisk rozładunku Opis Sugestii: Nie ukrywam, że krew mnie zalewa, gdy podjeżdżam do swojego miejsca rozładunku i stoi na nim Sierotka Marysia, która zasłania miejsce rozładunku. O ile wiem nie tylko ja mam takie problemy, nawet znany przez chyba wszystkich Wujek Bohun też wypowiadał się na ten temat i w 100% go popieram. Zaparkowanie w przypadku stania takiej Sierotki z kamery wewnętrznej (najbardziej realnej) jest bardzo utrudnione i aby zaparkować jednocześnie nie wywołując białej gorączki należy użyć kamery zewnętrznej. W związku z tym wnoszę o zmianę czasu AFK w obrębie stref rozładunku, albo nawet na wszystkich firmach (chociaż tutaj mogą być pretensje ze strony firm, które zbierają się na konwoje w miejscach dozwolonych, nie naruszając miejsca do parkowania). Na prawdę sporo ludzi nie ma mózgu i po oddaniu ładunku odchodzą od komputera, albo minimalizują grę nie zdając sobie sprawy, że uniemożliwiają dogodne zaparkowanie innym osobom. Co innego, gdy 3, czy więcej osób parkuje na raz, a co innego, gdy stoi Sierotka Marysia. Zaraz powiecie, że jest strefa bezkolizyjna. Owszem jest, ale nawet pomimo tego chcę zachować jakąś realność. Osobiście nie uznaję stref bezkolizyjnych, chociaż cieszę się, że są gdyż jest to wymysł na trolle, których niestety pełno. Przykładowe obrazki: brak Dlaczego twoja sugestia a nie inna?: Próba urealnienia, chociaż w minimalnym stopniu sytuacji na spedycjach. Sierotki potrafią stać czasami pełne przeznaczone 10 minut, co dla innych osób jest stratą czasu. Urealniłoby to też parkowanie, gdyż nie trzeba by było przenikać przez Sierotki, które znikały by po 2, a nie 10 minutach.
  11. I was wondering where can I be AFK at when I'm on the motorway/highway I usually see people getting kicked for being AFK on the road does that mean they are basically AFK In a lane? I was wondering do you still get kicked or will an admin kick you if you are AFK on the road but pulled over off the lanes or on the side of a road and be AFK there or do I need to be in a gas station or rest station?
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