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  1. Hi, I installed this mode, and it gave me this error. How can I solve the problem, I tried everything I found on other topics and nothing worked. (I have windows 7 proffesional)
  2. Oye everyone, today I would like to share this little summary with you. I have made this mainly for new ETS2MP drivers, I hope this will be useful. What do you have to know as a (beginning) ETS2MP user? 1. You need to know and understand the TruckersMP official rules, which are listed here: https://truckersmp.com/rules 2. You need to know and you will have to follow, the TruckersMP discord rules, these can be found in the official discord server, in the channel: "#rules" or at the following website: https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/ar
  3. I need to know how i can enter someone information into truckersmp to get them in the vtc but im nots sure how to do this can someone please Help!
  4. Добрый день! Столкнулся с несколькими проблемами касаемо зимы. Первая: у меня не скачивается базовый зимний мод и тяжелый мод тоже, при скачивании через share mods на третьем шаге крашится сайт. Вторая: при установке модов(доп. зимние) в папку ets2mp/mod моды в игре не появляются, хотя эти же моды в обычной етске работают. Может я что-то делаю не правильно?
  5. Arkadaşlar, sorum çok basit. ETS2 MP uyumlu modlar mevcut mu? Eğer mevcut ise nereden ulaşabilirim. Nasıl yapabilirim? Teşekkürler.
  6. Can someone help me with editing my Steering Wheel Logo? And with some other interior changes...?
  7. Und zwar hab ich ein wenig mit Save Editing gespielt und mir einen Trailer gezaubert wie unten im Video zu sehen. Nun meine Frage, ist dieser eigentlich erlaubt oder bekomm ich dafür nen Ban (da dieser ja in meine Räder geht) ?! ^^ {Es geht also nur darum ob das okay ist mit meinen Rädern oder ob ich irgendwie schauen obs da was anderes gibt.} An alle Leser: Vielen dank fürs drüber schauen und helfen LG: HandOfClash [GPE] /André\ GoldenPhoenixExpress Owner
  8. Hello, I've submitted 3 reports, 1 yesterday and 2 today, but none of them was claimed by a staff member and all of them were not processed, Does reports take weeks to process or months?
  9. I would like to ask if it goes to ets2 mp to give a mod to change the voice in the navigation?
  10. Hi guys. Im a player of ETS2 since 2 jul 2019. I see other players with the same problem, I got this error when I drive or when I load in a crowded city, and its weird. I've been trying to solve this problem for a month now. Every day I open the browser looking for a post with the solution. I've started to have this dreadful problem since I started playing again, tallking about August or so. I don't wanna spawn in a city where there's fewer peoples because I didn't have this problem before. Don't write the same things like the other's players post. (avoid, avoid bla bla bla.)
  11. Hello Ladies and Gentleman, i could need some help, since a week now, i am a proud Owner of a little VTC with total of 2 members. And after i created a little Website and a Discord Server, i want to do a bit of advertising. But idk where i can do that i looked in the TruckersMP forum nothing, i looked on the TruckersMP Discord Server found something, but my VTC needs a least 10 Members so i can make advertising. Ingame advertising is no option for me personally and i dont want to spam other people VTC Discord with my advertising and that all ways i know to do some advert
  12. marlel

    Connection Error

    Servus zusammen ich habe das Problem das ich TruckersMP nicht ausführen kann ich muss in dem Launcher was downloaden das wenn ich versuche kommt immer diese Fehlermeldung
  13. At random moments while i'm driving my truck Audio will stop but I can hear everything else.
  14. Hello. I just got Promods 2.50 and I wanted to use it on TruckersMP. I keep getting the error "Connection refused. You are using an invalid client. You should reinstall the mod through the launcher." I have tried removing all TruckersMP files and reinstalling it, reinstalled promods, checked file sizes & names, tried it in Singleplayer (and it worked) and also tried Sim 1 and Arcade normal TruckersMP servers which also work. Does anyone know what I can do? Pics here: https://imgur.com/a/XDqIIVp
  15. I will join a server than after putting me in the queue it will than kick me form the server telling me "Invalid accessory set Detected. Non-Truck accessory exists. It has happened every time I try to join a server for 2 days i have no mods on my account just basic stuff. Please help me and if you do thanks.
  16. EN: I cannot connect my account to world of trucksers from within the game please help. TR: Hesabımı oyun içinden world of truckers'a bağlayamıyorum lütfen yardım edin.
  17. how to fix new sound engine in 1.38 called F-Mod , because i cant hear horn sound when I am at high player area like in Duisburg indicator sound goes off , and horn too
  18. ETS 2 yüklediğimden beri TruckersMP'ye giremedim ve önceden farklı bir hata veriyordu. Şimdi bin'i silip dosyaları doğruladım. Bu sefer de bu hatayı veriyor. Yardım edin lütfen.
  19. Hi there, I know when I was new it took me a while to get find this out so I hope this helps people... ------------------------------------------Key Bindings specific to multiplayer----------------------------------------------- Open Chat = 'Y' Toggle Chat = 'F9' Toggle Name Tags = 'F11' Show Nearby players list = 'Tab' Push-to-Talk = 'V' Changed to 'X' now if you have the most current version *to use the mouse whilst the tab menu is open right click* -----------------------------------------Using the Tab Menu------------------
  20. The VTC to which I belong is not appearing on my Truckersmp forum profile, I would like to know the reason and try to resolve it. Thanks for listening!!!
  21. PT-BR: Olá, tudo bem? Estou aqui pois, gostaria de saber pelo qual motivo estou dendo esse problema, ele é o seguinte, quando estou jogando geralmente o Euro Truck Simulator 2 ou o American Truck Simulator após, um tempo jogando, com uns 10 á 15 minutos corrido a tela fica assim, veja o vídeo do problema (https://youtu.be/a3Rh-9BZv9M) Bem já troquei os cabos VGA, coloquei um novo, o erro ainda persiste, já testei em outro monitor a mesma coisa, estou com os drivers do directx na versão 11. Detalhe isso só acontece no ETS2 E ATS. Quem souber o motivo pelo qual estou dendo esse problema, por
  22. Hejka wie może jak zrobić by mogł grać na starym profilu na multiplayer aktualnie gram na singlu 1.38 a jak przestawie wersje w 1.37 i dam mój profil to pojawia się info ze nie może załadować save z gry ani jednego i tu moje pytanie czy ktoś wie jak można zrobić bym grał na starym profilu czy jednak bede na multiplayerze grać na nowym profilu . liczę na szybko i sktuczne rady
  23. Hey everyone! Whenever I try to register an account on World Of Trucks, it gives me this error message: "THE SPECIFIED STEAM ACCOUNT IS ALREADY ASSOCIATED WITH AN EXISTING ACCOUNT." as well as more details are visible in these 2 screenshots (I've also tried a different email address, username, but that doesn't change anything in my case: Also, I've just registered an account on TruckersMP before trying to do the same on WOT, so maybe that's why it isn't working? But that doesn't make sense to me because these are 2 different platforms ( although they're both ran by SCS & a WOT account
  24. I have been trying for about a week now to fix this but for some reason it wont work can someone please help me i play on a lapptop soif that has anything to do with it Well that just sucks Please help me fellow truckers.
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