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Found 636 results

  1. I attempted to log into my account this morning, only to find that I am banned until the 24 April 2020. I was confused because I Had not played the game for a day and I had not done anything which the ban stated I had. I spoke to my younger brother about it and he confessed that he went onto my account and tried to do some jobs. He said that he had forgotten what side of the road to drive (he is 10) and ended up in the way of many drivers. This has now made me not be able to play my favourite game because of an honest mistake a child has made. I sent an appeal, but I know that admins sometimes take a long time to respond and I have nothing else to do in this quarantine. I take simulations very seriously and I was so sad when I found out I was banned for over 20 days!
  2. ım getting a long error when ı press the truckers mp launcher button ı ve already written it to support team but they cant solve it https://ibb.co/5h6spRN this is the error looks like need help immediatly ıf you can solve it just send mail to (email removed) ı can open teamviewer I NEED HELP İMMEDİATELY
  3. Пишіть свої проблеми тут. Якщо ви знаєте як вирішити чиюсь проблему-напишіть як. Якщо вам допомогли-не жалійте лайки.
  4. Hello guys! I have question. How to open a company with friends?
  5. So starting today, whenever I log into TruckersMP, once I get past the log in page and it asks me to agree to the rules, the game lags to the point where I can't move the mouse around to agree and get past the page. I've tried restarting the client, playing both ETS2 and ATS, and restarting my computer. Has anyone else had this issue? If so, do you have a solution?
  6. Guten tag an alle die das lesen, Mein freund kann sich nicht via steam regestrieren, wir haben alles gemacht! Freue mich über antworten LG Mr.Fisch_HD
  7. Suggestion Name: As the title. Suggestion Description: Send notification Any example images: N / A Why should it be added?: As Promods is compatible with TruckersMP, many players are enjoying Pro Mode. But often, there are many promods application errors or questions posted on the TruckersMP forum. I would like to suggest one to prevent this problem. 1. Display a message if the DLC is not recognized - If you have downloaded all Promods mode files and you do not have all the map DLCs (this includes Scandinavia DLC, Going East DLC, Vive le France! DLC, Italia DLC, Beyond the Baltic Sea DLC), Does not. So if you find that a DLC is not owned on TruckersMP, it would be nice to let them know about the DLC you don't have. 2. If Promods Files Are Insufficient, Message Pops Up for Missing Files - When you download Promods with the current paid version, you need to apply 15 mod files. However, when downloading a mod, many users do not receive a def file, so many users do not apply Promods. So I would like to add a system to report missing mod files. I think of it in this case. If you solve this case alone, many players will be able to resolve the error quickly. Thanks to all the administrators who always manage TruckersMP and multiplayer.
  8. visarskivi


    Hello everybody Im searching for a Caravan for my Scout but i cant find them .... Where or how can i actually find them? Thanks
  9. I try all suggestion in this forum but it not work, my conection good for download but for instal allways stuck iam from asia please help
  10. wat zijn toegestaande mods in truckersmp. zo ja welke?
  11. After the last update I can't load goods quickly when I carry my own trailer in multiplayer. In singleplayer mode if it works, at the moment that I accept the work and approach the loading area it already gives me the option to press enter to load the trailer, however in multiplayer mode and promods it makes me park exactly the double trailer in the loading area (sometimes it is impossible to do that). I have the option of gameplay activated in case there was doubt but it doesn't work for me, that's why I put this post.
  12. i cant close can someone tell me how can i close
  13. Voy a empezar por el principio no se ingles explico la situación en español y luego la pongo en ingles (por traductor) Desde la última actualización del lanzador de mp no me deja iniciar el ets2 ni el ats (no tiene relación con las versiones porque se las bastante en su momento cuando el ets 2 mp no estaba actualizado a la versión que salio de steam) sucede q cuando juega desde el lanzador de mp el juego ni bien inicia se crashea no llega ni a la introducción, cosa que no sucede en ninguno de los dos juegos iniciará desde la biblioteca de steam a dx11. Mi pc no es una pese de alta gama pero aguanta el mp y el ets con DX11 (puse una foto con las especificaciones de la pc) Pondre el codigo de error si sirve de algo ojala pueden ayudarme Since the last update of the mp launcher does not let me start the ets2 or the ats (it is not related to the versions because it is quite at the time when the ets 2 mp was not updated to the version that came out of steam) happens when play from the mp launcher the game as soon as it starts crashea does not reach the introduction, which does not happen in either of the two games starts from the steam library to dx11. My pc is not a high-end weigh but it supports the mp and the ets with DX11 (I put a photo with the specifications of the pc) I will put the error code if it works, I hope they can help me
  14. So that's how I have a problem when trying to enter the server, it doesn't load any of my profiles even though there are profiles in the Euro Truck Simulator 2 folder, but when I create a new profile (it also appears right away in the profile folder) I normally see it in the game and I can start playing. Can somebody help me? Last time I played and everything was fine today I'm starting the game and I can't play because I don't show me any profile (except the new one) Thank you in advance.
  15. arkadix

    Crash du launcher

    Bonjour, Cela fait maintenant quelques jours que j'essaie de démarrer TruckersMP, mais dès que je lance l'application, un écran noir apparaît avec le bruit des alertes windows. Ensuite, une autre petite fenêtre s'ouvre en me disant que le jeu a crash et que je peux envoyer le crash.log aux développeurs (ce que j'ai fait 2 fois). Pouvez-vous m'aider s'il vous plait? j'aimerai continuer a jouer avec des amis :/ Merci d'avance :) NB: je vous joint le crash.log crash.log
  16. Problem: There is a problem in connecting my profile with world of trucks.It writes that I haven't got the game in my steam.I'm sure that I have got this game.All my passwords are correct.I would like to attach some photos of this problem. Proves: https://ibb.co/wNc8cDb https://ibb.co/7WZchR9 https://ibb.co/zs7wTzr https://ibb.co/vqDd8mh
  17. I have been facing an error recently that i cannot start game ETS2 or ATS i get this error I have tried all possible solutions and no fix yet regardless that my other steam games works perfectly please any help with many thanks in advance.
  18. Hello my friend there is a problem but we can't solve it I hope you help us Error Photo Аttempts that didn't work Delete the C\ProgramData\TruckersMP folder Start TruckersMP as Administrator a Direct x update Stopping anti-virus programs Check the game files by steam Complete reinstallation of the game crash.log last_crash.log
  19. I had an account that was linked an i deleted it now.Then i tryed to link it to the other account and it failed help fast!
  20. hi I keep getting this I have run as administrator and I still get this. I have reset my pc and internet still get it. I have also uninstalled truckers MP and reinstalled it and I still get it. I don't know what to do please can someone help me? Thanks in advance.
  21. Hey! I have a problem with downloading the mod, I did the exact same as my friend (and it works for him) and it doesn't work for me. I attached where I put it and the error message. Previously I could actually open the launcher but then when I tried to play the mod it would say something along the lines of "You have update 1.36 when the mod requires 1.35" or something, tried to opt out of betas and change the update in the properties on steam.
  22. I just bought the game on Christmas and decided to play MP, but for the last three days i couldn't log in because this is what it tells me. Any solutions? P.S. thank you for your time!
  23. Problema está bem claro, Consigo acessar o https://truckersmp.com/ Normalmente mas, no launcher não consigo isso me chatea.. Da Email/Senha Incorretos Perfil está todo publico Poderia resouver meu Problema porfavor ? Ticket discord ? Agradeço
  24. Всем привет. Имею на борту карточку geforce 320 gt, 1gb, dx10.1. Дело в том, что игра летала на средних до обновы с dx11. Сейчас просто 10 фпс на минималках, а разницы, ну никакой с этим dx11. Возможно ли его как то отключить? Пробую запускать игру с параметром - Launch with OpenGL (x64), появляется черный экран и секунд через 10 - прекращена работа ets2. Пробовал в конфиге, в параметре "r_device" вручную вписывать gl\dx9 - тоже самое. Если запускаю в обычном режиме, просто обратно меняется на dx11. Я не знаю, с чем связано такое проседание фпс, т.к. на глаз я вообще не ощутил разницы после перехода на dx11. Оптимизация? Также прилеплю логи, мб подскажите что-нибудь (кроме смены видеокарты :)) Спасибо заранее! game.crash.txt game.log.txt
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