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  1. Buenas, desde hace algún tiempo he notado, que al usar la tecla TAB para ver la lista de jugadores cercanos, se bajan considerablemente las FPS de mi juego, mi PC es perfectamente capaz de correr el juego, por lo que descarto eso, además es algo que ocurre desde hace un tiempo para acá. A alguien mas le pasa lo mismo?, y alguien sabe a que se debe?, y si conocen alguna solución?
  2. Yöntem 1 -------------------------------------------- Kurulum ; PC'niz eski ve sizin için grafik o kadar da önemli değilse bu ayarlara bakmanızda fayda var. Yaptığı programda reklam, dosya indirme vs. olduğundan ayar dosyalarını tek tek program içinden aldım. İçinde Bulunan Ayar Dosyaları 640x480 - Düşük Ayarlar 800x600 - Düşük Ayarlar 1024x768 - Düşük Ayarlar 1280x960 - Düşük Ayarlar 1280x1024 - Düşük Ayarlar 1280x720 - Düşük Ayarlar 1280x800 - Düşük Ayarlar 1366x768 - Düşük Ayarlar 1440x900 - Dü
  3. Hello everyone. When I click the Tab button in the game, my fps drops rapidly. I don't know why it happens. Is there anyone who has a solution?
  4. Guten Tag liebe Ets2 Spieler, hätte eine kurzer Frage zu den Lags bei großen Spieler Ansammlungen meine Setup besteht aus einem Ryzen 7 3700x und einer Vega 56 mein Arbeitspeicher läuft auf 3200mhz(16gb) und ja jedes Spiel ist soweit Spielbar nur nervt es mich ziemlich das meine Fps von 60Fps (Vsyn) bei großen Spieler Ansammlungen auf 20-30 Fps Droppen gibt es eine Möglichkeit dies zu verhindern oder die Drops zu verringern Spiele auf Ultra Settings.
  5. Merhaba arkadaşlar son 3 gündür hareket halindeyken özelikle karşıdan gelenlerden çok drop oluyor fps örneğin 100 iken 60'a inip çıkıyor bazen de takılıp kalıyor ve ardından connection unreable yiyorum bunu nasıl çözebilirim? Sistem Özelliklerim: R5 2600x 32GB Ram RTX 2060 Network 90-5
  6. Paiva [BR]


    Hello, I have been playing ETS 2 and ATS for a while now and Since I got my new computer I have been dealing with these annoying little lags/stutters. It has been 4 months and I am tired of dealing with them. I have searched and have found no results. Every 10-40 seconds the fps drops to 12 or less. I have set my graphics to ultra and then the lowest and it keeps happening. It happens on ETS 2 and ATS No other games do this.
  7. Bamp

    Nur 20 FPS?

    Hallo, seit ca. 1 Woche habe ich in TruckersMP das Problem, dass ich nur 20 FPS habe, obwohl der PC überhaupt nicht ausgelastet ist und ich die Einstellungen nun fast schon ganz heruntergestellt habe. Ich habe es in Duisburg, Hamburg, Kiel und Erfurt getestet. Allerdings ist es im "normalen Spiel" (ohne TruckersMP) nicht so, dort sind es wieder 50-60 FPS. Was mir auch aufgefallen ist, dass ich mit TruckersMP die FPS-Grenze in den Einstellungen nicht ändern kann. Soll das ganze so oder ist das nur ein Bug? Danke schon mal für jede Hilfe! Grüße, Bamp
  8. when i play etsmp my fps is fine until i see a few people and it drops to the low 20 to 30 range i have a i7-7800x and a gtx 1080
  9. I have this micro stuttering where, while I drive or stay in place I stop for like 0.1 seconds and continue stop for 0.1 secs then continue. I already verified the files. Thanks for the help :)
  10. Comment obtenir de meilleur performances/FPS sur Euro Truck Simulator 2 ainsi que sur d'autres jeux. Salutation à tous, à l'intérieur de ce guide nous allons vous montrez comment obtenir de meilleures performances/FPS sur Euro Truck Simulator 2, ainsi que dans vos autres jeux. Vous allez pouvoir découvrir quelques conseils de base. Avant de commencer, nous souhaiterions mentionner quelque chose de très important, ATTENTION! Il est possible que certaines solutions ne fonctionnent pas sur votre ordinateur fixe ou bien votre ordinateur portable! Êtes-vous prêts? Alors commençon
  11. Hello. So as you could already imagine I have massive FPS issues. I play with everything on low 720p and I get 20fps.. I have a GeForce GT 1030 Intel Core i5-2400 8GB RAM DDR3 Please help me!
  12. Hello! I recently reinstalled Bootcamp (due to the fact my mac couldn't work out where it was) and installed ets2 and truckersmp. Keep in mind since this is a recent installation, there is no malware present, only things installed are graphics drivers, steam, truckersmp, and MSI afterburner. My laptop specs is 8GB ram, 1GB VRAM GeForce 650M. I am using an external SSD, Samsung 860 Evo to store ets2. BOOTCAMP is basically running Windows 10 on a Mac, keep in mind I am not saying "MacOS". Now time to get down to the problem. My game (on windows 10) was silky smooth after installatio
  13. Arkadaşlar en son dün aylar sonra unreliable connection hatasından kurtulup adam akıllı oynayabildiğim tek gündü. Fakat bugün yine girmek istedim ama giremedim. Sorunum şu profil seçtikten sonra tırımızın göründüğü menüde 5 fps alıyorum ve bu oyun içindede aynı fakat diğer oyunlarda böyle bir sorun yaşamıyorum sadece ets2 de var hem sp olarak hem mp olarak acaba ne yaptımda dün 60fps veren oyun bugün 5 fps verir oldu bakın sabit 5 fps değişmiyor yardımcı olabilecek varsa çok mutlu olurum teşekkürler.
  14. Hello, I have started playing Euro Truck a week ago and started playing Multi Player 2 days ago. I have no problems playing Single Player over 100 fps stable but in Multi Player my game freezes for 0.5 secs whenever i get someone at "Players near to you" tab. Tried lots of things none of them solved my problem. There is a ingame video to show you what is happening link below. I am using wi-fi not ethernet but I am not sure if thats the problem. I have 100 mbts download and 5 mbts upload. Before you ask my drivers are up to date and i will share my computers specs down below. My com
  15. Hi, since the lastest truckers mp update and eu2 becomeing bigger, i have noticed that when im driving around for more than 30 mins in the game randomly my fps drops from 60 to 40 to 60 in half a second. This is becomeing more of an issue as when this drop happends i end up nearly hitting someone. I have i high end pc and i do not experience this problem on single player nor did i before tmp was updateded to the lastest update. I can say its not to do with lag as ive recently brought a new adapter for my pc and i experince no lag on any other game now ether. I have also
  16. I do not have this issue in SP, but while in MP I have random lag spikes every 10 seconds or so. My FPS will drop 20-30 frames for just a second and return to normal. We have tried to uninstall truckers MP and when reinstalled had the same issue. We downgraded the graphics of the game, and still the FPS issues are still there. Any other suggestions to why my FPS is doing this? It makes playing MP with my buddies terrible.
  17. Piszę tutaj pierwszy raz. Nie wiem czy piszę w dobrym miejscu, więc proszę na wstępie o wyrozumiałość. Witam, próbuję szukać rozwiązania na każdej stronie związanej z grą ETS 2, więc napiszę i do was. Otóż zauważyłem problem z wydajnością gry ETS 2. Problem polega na tym, że przy ustawieniach graficznych średnie/wysokie posiadam po 20 max 23FPS, ale gdy zmienię sobie skalowanie na 25% to FPS nie idą w ogóle w górę i max to 25FPS. Tak naprawdę 25FPS mam nieżalenie od ustawień niskich aż do wysokich z drobnymi korektami. Komputer wysprzątałem z niepotrzebnych aplikacji, przeczyściłem go
  18. Hi guys, So normally i can play with 60 fps+, but now when it autosaves, I always have a lag spike. Pretty annoying in convoys Does someone have a solution for this? Thanks
  19. Witam, Jak pobieram z warsztatu steam modyfikacje ( virtual campany, i mod na więcej fps) to działa mi na single ale na multiplayer już nie. I pytanie do was, czy da się jakoś zrobić aby działało ?A jeżeli nic się nie da zrobić to czy są jakieś sprawdzone metody na więcej fps na multiplayer ?
  20. In the menu I have 5 fps, but in the game 40-60 fps, help me solve this problem, and l often disappear trailers, but I do not want to enter the instructional into the console every time.
  21. Niektórzy za pewne zauważyli to, że przez lusterka w interiorze ciężarówki spadają nam FPSy i nie raz jest to blisko nawet i 20,30FPS znalazłem sposób na to, niekoniecznie może to wszystkim dodać ogromną ilość FPS, lecz na pewno coś doda. Najlepszą opcją jak dla mnie jest opcja r_mirror_group 1, ze względu na to, że mamy to co najbardziej jest nam potrzebne czyli główne lusterka, a reszta wyłączona r_mirror_group 4 - włączone wszystkie lusterka r_mirror_group 3 - włączone wszystkie lusterka r_mirror_group 2 - włączone lusterka wszystkie poza tymi małymi (m
  22. Evo -Skycat-


    So i don't have this Super PC but i've noticed a Drop when playing the latest Update to MP.. Singleplayer i have no issue with FPS. it never Drops one bit... online getting near trucks, or city's and my FPS goes from 60+ down to 35 or below (Big citys) but i only have a Radeon R7 200. its not a big drop but its a drop. but my friend has a bigger problem. he has to 980's in SLI and he goes from 80+ to 15 fps... sinlgeplayer he is over 100+ like normal... what changed in MP that is killing FPS? if there is a setting to turn down to stop it let me know... A month ago
  23. Cześć. Od niedawna mam problemy z Fpsami. Na początku miałem mniej wiecej stałe 40 fps, a aktualnie spadają mi czasem do 5 lub 20. Komputer nie potrafi utrzymać stałych fpsów tylko skaczą od 5 do 45 maksymalnie. Mam 2 rdzeniowy procesor Amd Athlon 6400+ DualCore oraz grafike Radeona 7700 HD 2gB oraz 4 Gb ramu. Nie wiem czym jest to spowodowane ,ale próbowałem formatu i nic nie pomógł a sterowniki mam najnowsze "Gaming Evolved"
  24. Hello, I'm having a problem the thing is that in ETS 2 (Single Player),I usually have around 70-110 FPS , in ETS 2 (Multi Player) I have around 20-30 FPS.How can I get more FPS in Multi Player?
  25. I normally run the game around 60-100FPS even in MP. Dropping in towns ETC. But since the last update I have been doing 30 FPS or lower max. Even in the pause menu to access the world map. Is this a known issue? -PC specs- i5-4460 3.2ghz GTX 750Ti 2gb 16gb ddr3
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