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  1. Suggestion Name: Old Scania sound Suggestion Description: The old Scania sound that is replaced since ETS2 update 1.15 Any example images: Look video Why should it be added?: Well, I was wondering if there is any way to get this sound working in Multiplayer. It is so realistic!! It's not a mod, the official game files are still there. So if there is a way, let me know!
  2. I will be bothered, I don't like to drive in a car with a interior that other cars do have either. That isn't realism.
  3. Open pipe mods are also not allowed and they don't make it I guess
  4. I really want to drive these trailers and that they are visible for others in MP. The picture is a bit small because of the file limit..
  5. So I can play 23:09? Also, thanks for the fast reply and information! Kind regards, DriveYourWay
  6. Hello people, I was banned for 5 days, it should be expires today at 21:09. I have my timezone set to GMT (I live in the Netherlands), don't know if it's the right timezone. Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance! Kind regards, DriveYourWay
  7. Hey EnLight, thanks for your reply.. maybe is it possible to remove it completely I will check and if I not understand I'll contact you haha Kind regards DriveYourWay
  8. Anyone with no license plate on the car, how do you get this? I was searching on the internet for some answers but no.. I can't find anything so can anyone tell me? Want to try it out if this is permitted Kind regards DriveYourWay
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