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  1. oh ok, thank you //lock
  2. Hi, can i ask you how to get forum reputation? And how to get that tag like "Truck master" and more?
  3. Problem solved by help from Support //Lock please <3
  4. I test all of reasons but anyone does't help. What to do now?
  5. Hi, I downloaded TruckersMP after a long time. When I tried to log in already in the application it was not, I tried to change the email and password, and other options but nothing went wrong. On all ETS2 web sites, this sign-in works. Where is the problem?
  6. I got it at D://Program files/Steam/steamapps/common/Euro Truck Simulator 2 But i need to get it here: C://Program files/Steam library/steamapps/common
  7. Hi, i have two PC drivers but i can download ets2 only on once and if i download it, its doesnt have files with mods, profiles and more, its have only bin, licences... But once time i have ETS2 on second (primary) driver and there was files like mods, profiles and more but i cant download it to this driver its write: Missing Files... But the files are there so i dont know :/
  8. Can i ask i download this program, i click to load but its so much time and nothing (maybe its bad profile but anyone doesnt show me)
  9. DayRider

    New PC

    ok thank you so much
  10. DayRider

    New PC

    Hi, i need ask you, when i bought new PC and bought ets2 too, can I get my old profile to new PC?
  11. DayRider

    No Jobs

    its right now i teleported to my garage and its ok thanks
  12. DayRider

    No Jobs

    i got maybe 5 jobs (i´ve got my own truck) but now its again without jobs
  13. DayRider

    No Jobs

    thank you i gonna try it now
  14. DayRider

    No Jobs

    I dont have any jobs in ETS2MP. I tried all of the tutorials how to fix it but its doesnt work. I so much wanna play ETS2MP with friend but this terrible promblem...
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