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  1. Thank you. Waiting for 64 bit
  2. Thank you. I've been waiting Winter Mod for 1 month
  3. Still in alpha and that's not the point. If you concern yourself with secondary objectives like snow and double trailers, I can't care whether you do this job for fun or profit.
  4. Chances are multiplied when they increased the slots.
  5. They want patience. I don't understand how can they request patience when they break software.
  6. They will say "software problem"
  7. You know, really? Even an infant can know that there is a problem and if there is a software problem, devs made it worse so why must we endure that? How can you break the software when everything is OK? Yeah, issues started when you increased slots. One of devs said that it will be solved in 0.1.3? When it will come and why you created Europe 3 server if we can't enter it?
  8. Yeah yeah, you have good servers, especially Europe 3. It's always so calm(!) that there is no lag(!) whatsoever So what? Double trailers are devs doing and it's useless as hell for me. Instead of doing that, open Europe 3.
  9.   Then you will choose better servers or close down the multiplayer.
  10. No, lots of servers with the limit of 1000-2000 people would be better.
  11. I have lag in US 1 too but I've never seen bouncing trucks or whatsoever. The devs could choose better hoster.
  12. No bad servers? Are you kidding? I can understand lag but trucks & trailers were bouncing in game few minutes ago and isn't there any proper admin that can hear our requests? Also, you should be more concerned about servers. Double trailers and snow are secondary concerns.
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