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  1. Happy Birthday!:HaulieLove:

  2. Happy Birthday 

  3. Happy Birthday!

  4. I have a dream ...Volvo FH16-750 :( meh!:/

  5. Dipric An #EU2 trucker Story ;)

  6. Thank you. The topic can be closed. I understand that i have to deal with TAB everyday
  7. I use the map to see or set my route. (To open all the map for GPS badge or to set a route to a city where i don't have garage yet.) I have Cabin DLS as well, to be honest its really useful as you mentioned. But, as i said sharing the right click with TAB and MAP is not good. I think there is no way to close the TAB automatically?
  8. Laughed loudly to the police keyboard! Hahahah

    1. Bandero


      I'm glad that you are happy :)

  9. I use the TAB screen to see if there's someone around. But, when i need to check the map, i need to move the map oftenly. To move the map, i have to right click to the mouse but if the TAB screen is open, right click directly works for TAB. I need to exit from the map, close the TAB, re open the map and this is not user-friendly in my opinion. Is there a way to disable the TAB automatically when i open the map, company screen etc? Thanks in advance.
  10. Where is my mind...

    2. Diprik


      i miss my girlfriend :/ yeah

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