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    Happy Birthday!

    1. ThomasDavidO97


      thank you so much mate! you're kind wishing me a happy birthday happy trucking ?

  2. you could buy a caravan in the "buy trailer menu" and have your own (if you're planning to do jobs then try sleeping in multiplayer to reset the jobs)
  3. Thanks so much for updating/fixing it, do you accept suggestions? if so is there anyway you could add away to share the same jobs with friends in freight market? with cargo market how would we go about getting the same job as a friend with using our own trailer? if you can do that atm. (sorry new to the tool and unsure about how to use any of this stuff)
  4. I keep getting errors when setting up jobs with the freight market, any job even using this menu. my friend said it works fine for him on his profile (I sent him my profile and he said it wouldn't even work for him) https://pastebin.com/qx4BNC9n text of the details game profile link: https://puu.sh/CB3AW/bfc0035df6.rar
  5. well reconnect button would be a bad idea if someone were to get kicked for breaking the rules, they could rejoin back right away and keep going to they get banned or something. yes they only need to restart the game but it takes longer so not really a big deal.
  6. you could also try the sync app: works on both ETS2/ATS
  7. anyone got any profiles with all garages owned (all map dlcs) that you could link me to, I did google it but nothing good comes up Italia,Vive la France !, Scandinavia, base game, going east

  8. anyone got any profiles with all garages owned (all map dlcs) that you could link me to, I did google it but nothing good comes up.

    1. [MCG] Kien Giang
    2. ThomasDavidO97


      thanks but thats giving me only garages in base/going east, I was hoping for all the garages in every map DLCS Italia,Vive la France !, Scandinavia

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