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  1. Hi, I have been experiencing a problem with my Renault truck for the past 2 weeks or so, that when i go between 1000 and 1500 revs (green area) the noise just disappears of the engine and is just quiet however truck still moves, but between 500 and 1000 revs it is ok, and 1500 to 3000 its ok. I have not really been bothered as i don't use this truck much however it is annoying as I am using the truck now.
  2. Hi, my computer is running slow and things are going funny, when it was first built by myself and I put new windows on it was fast as f***, but gradually has gotten slower. I have tried cleaning it up etc but has not really done the trick. I am going to back up what I need but my question is regarding steam and ETS 2. Firstly, my games registered with steam such as car mechanic simulator, ets 2, train sim, will I still be able to play them after the new installation? And secondly, how can I back up my saves for ets 2 so that when I reinstall windows, I will be able to go to my old saves.
  3. EcoEye


    Will have a look and try everything and let you all know. Thanks
  4. EcoEye


    About 3 months ago I bought the High cargo dlc thing from steam. All of the paint jobs worked and came through however the trailers (such as the helicopter and ammunition trailers) did not come through and I haven't found one yet at all of the depots. I was not too fussed at first but now I would like to find them and deliver them. Also, if anyone knows, as far as I'm aware players without the DLC can't see your trailer, so what trailer would they see.. would it be a default one? And lastly, I have seen a lot of drivers driving with trailers that say Volvo or real company trailers.
  5. I was confused at first, I was driving and the lights were stuck on red and green, trucks were just stuck but I was still able to drive. I now know its down...
  6. I cannot do anything now how shall I make the report without the ID?
  7. What can I do now though? I want to make the report as they said it was my fault. Although il keep it in mind for the future.
  8. Hi, that does not help as I can not find 'logs' in my truckers mp file.
  9. Basically, I was driving on the motorway and a player named katesyko cut in front of me and blamed it on me. I have video evidence, although when I try to make a report it says I need his truckers mp ID. Which I do not have, because immediately after the incident I left to create the report as I was getting the blame for it. If you would like to view it yourself, here is the link to the video proof. http://plays.tv/video/579bc8c722578aaa3c/proof How else can I find truckers mp id? Thanks.
  10. I have changed my name from 'Jb41' to 'EcoEye' and it shows up on here but not on the game. (When I click tab my name is still 'Jb41').
  11. It's okay, I think it looks cool! Thanks for the reply!
  12. Have a good holiday @I<3VODKA

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      I messed up and mine deleted xD


      But it said the same thing ;)

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      Oh right. :lol:

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      Yes. Have a good holiday Vodka! :D

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