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  1. Is there anyway to turn off horns in the shop areas? I'm so sick of horn spamming from other players. Real drivers don't use their horns the way the players are.
  2. I agree with you. I am a former driver of over 20 years and had to retire my truck early do to heart problems. Yet I always loved MP. Hanging out with former drivers and friends. But after today I think single player is better. I took two hot loads on MP for more in game money and was late on both, costing me twice the amount they paid. Maybe SCS will some day create a way two players can join single player like other games. I'd truck with ya and hash the old days on the road while dodging the AI! LOL
  3. I tried it again and now can't get connected to the server at all with the newest update.
  4. How do you get 68 mph. I only get 55 mph max! I think I'll be on single player until this is removed from the servers. Your lucky to get 68.
  5. When did a speed limiter get on the USA ATS server? It sucks! It's gotta go......... Everyone on the server is complaining and it's not fun.
  6. Mine keeps crashing also when ever it feels like it seems. I read the forum and did everything that the users mentioned but, nothing is working and it still crashes. Hope they find a fix to this quickly.
  7. Is there a patch for the new Peterbuilts CB crashing my game? If so how do I get the missing CB Hook for the Pet. Thanks
  8. Thanks for letting us know. Should make things easier for those swamped & get replies out faster.
  9. Totally agree! Its really bad. Welcome to American Car Simulator MP. The worst mod for serious players. You can't use all the mod with out being kicked, And there is no reason to have a pilot car sense there is no oversize loads. Totally useless really. Cars acting like idiots crashing into everything and laughing about it than doing it again. Not watching out for anything just going as fast as they can with no care of anyother player. (Horns) (Horns) (Horns)! One followed me from Fresno to Las Vegas greifing me and my friends the whole way running around us hitting us and more. We just wanted to mind ourselves. I agree with other drivers on the US server. The mod needs to go or they will loose good players and end up with a GTA server. SCS and TMP always did a top of the line job. This mod just not good. If I want to drive with cars I can just go to single player, A. I. are better drivers anyway.
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