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  1. Very impressive! I think I may have achieved 10% a couple of times. A lot of dedication. When's 40k?
  2. I look to monitor this on another device as it can be useful to 'look ahead'. Systems like Google Maps etc have traffic information that can inform you of delays, queing traffic. I sort of use the map as a means of doing this and checking ahead at places I know may become congested. Thank you for keeping it up-to-date
  3. I think the confusion is considering this as one junction, when actually it's two junctions that due to scale and design very close to each other. If you are in the two lanes going straight on then I think we all agree red truck there waiting to turn left gives way to you. Once they have commited through that junction they have then joined a new road. This becomes the main road for them and therefore have right of way. The vehicles approaching the right turn lane that is joining onto that new main road must check left and give way to the red truck or whatever else
  4. I see there seems to be a lot of negativity in places that get busy. Personally I enjoy the challenges of having to progress through difficult traffic. Plan my routes around it where possible, but if not - simulation - deal with it. In real life if there is a road I don't like driving, I find an alternative route. If people don't like driving in Duisburg then enjoy the rest of Europe! I think going to Duisburg is the risk you take and you get from it what you like. The NCZ for me looks terrible and just funnels traffic to a pinchpoint further away. If you wanted to cha
  5. The Winter Mod is seperated into different elements. Unless you have the physics addon included with the base winter mod element (frosty_8.scs) it won't work. Note, however that the physics addon is NOT supported by TMP as discussed here.
  6. I would not mind advertisements if they were managed internally and not provided to give gain to VTC's etc. My thoughts is far and few advertisements and perhaps instead be for charity support, official events. I am mindful there would need to be a level of moderation to managing these if open to all to invest into that is extra work for the team.
  7. General flexability on visual mod support would be appreciated.
  8. On one hand I see the argument as why an NCZ would be an issue, however a couple of nights ago it took me 30 minutes to drop at a fuel station because people were parking in between the inactive pumps leaving me no choice but to reverse in. They did move but then someone would block the entrance as they were queuing for fuel. I couldn't reverse as people getting inpatient decided to drive right up to me even though I had hazard warning lights and reverse engaged. Reporting them for blocking didn't work and I wasn't sure if it did indeed constitute blocking or not. A lot of people don't rea
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