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  1. Hello TruckersMP Goodnight.

  2. I wish you all a good day


    Hello admin needed on the route Calais-Duisburg Thanks

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    2. [T.T.L] Mr-Zumac [COL]

      [T.T.L] Mr-Zumac [COL]

      If that route is getting out of control

    3. KhaosHammer


      The C-D road is always like that and they know it. Don't worry there's probably IGAs flying around with their free cam. ;)

    4. [T.T.L] Mr-Zumac [COL]

      [T.T.L] Mr-Zumac [COL]


      If thanks to the support of the administrators They are already with camera free applying ban

  4. Good Day TruckersMP

    1. [T.G.E][01] Lorena*

      [T.G.E][01] Lorena*

      good day & enjoy you day =)

  5. Hello Friends of the TruckersMP community

  6. A Small Route in Europe with colleagues


  7. Remains chaos at crossing route duisburg-calais

  8. It's time to travel in Calais-duisburg good trip truckers

  9. Good multiplayer update good job it's time to drive :D

  10. Hello I present my company AseTrans Logistics


    #American Truck Simulator


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