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    I'm a C# / PHP / C++ Programmer and i really love programming & playing games :)

    I've written a fully working WarRock Private Server Emulator based on C# language

    A while ago i've also written an ETS2MP Signature Generator..but the hoster died.

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  1. Telegram maybe? I could create it if you allow me
  2. ToXiiC

    Truckers MP Signature Generator

    Ehm sorry what do you mean? You mean an api?
  3. ToXiiC

    Truckers MP Signature Generator

    I did fix it, I hope it will be used, you know, if a product isn't used, the dev has no reason to upgrade it...
  4. ToXiiC

    TeamSpak 3 Italiani e Vari Simulatori

    Se volete siete i benvenuti sul ts3: toxiicdev.net
  5. ToXiiC

    Truckers MP Signature Generator

    I'm happy you guys like it, if you got any other cool signature wallpaper, just write them here
  6. ToXiiC

    Truckers MP Signature Generator

    Fixed image quality
  7. ToXiiC

    Truckers MP Signature Generator

    Added 8 more backgrounds
  8. ToXiiC

    How to change your profile name (ETS2/ATS)

    Well done, for years never understood how to change it
  9. ToXiiC

    Truckers MP Signature Generator

    Hello guys I'm bringing back this old project I've maded in 2014 for ETS2MP when it was born, found it on a old hard drive, decided to put it back online changing few things Hope it could help in some way I'm going to add a lot more of backgrounds, and if you have some, just show me them! Here you go: https://truckerssignature.com
  10. ToXiiC

    0.1.3 Alpha

    I'm following you guys since the first rumors about a MultiPlayer mod of ETS2..the most thing that every ETS2 player wanted..you guys can't realize how amazing is to see the mod as it is right now Keep it up
  11. This weather is just changing my mood everyday..