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  1. Account banned-what to do?

    Ask for a ban appeal and hope it gets accepted. You should of read the rules
  2. 0.1.2 R2 Alpha

    Nice little update, thanks MW for this
  3. Shoutbox for forum

    Would recommend, IPB Shoutbox as it has many good functions for the admins to tweak.
  4. Admins

    Don't ask you don't get but yes, exactly what TruCkDr1V3r said. They would probably ignore you.
  5. Shoutbox for forum

    I think it would need some limits on it, to reduce the spam. e.g. - Minimum post count to shout (15) - No BBCode
  6. Forum - smiley's limit increase

    Agree, shouldn't be too high as you will get kids who spam it
  7. Traffic map

    Correct me if I am wrong but I am sure there is already a website based on this, it shows player dots on it. I will update my post if I find the link
  8. Unsupported game version 1.14.2s

    Try un-installing ETS2 and re-downloading, get back to me if that ain't a good solution
  9. Please could you allow us to use multiple extensions in our signature's, I am trying to use 'signature.php?&id=8' and it will not allow. I would love to use this extension as it auto updates the image.
  10. Adding one more line for km/h - miles

    I'd presume that this is client side and would require client side editing
  11. (Forum Suggestion) Like own posts

    Disable liking own posts, this is pointless as why would people like there own posts This is really easy to change via the IPS Community Admin