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  1. Het blijft een simulator game Geen need for speed oid
  2. Agrelin13


    Yep, I know. But it's quite annoying that there are not enough admins on the servers.. A form for apply admin would be great..
  3. Agrelin13


    Hi, I've playin a lot of time this fantastic mod. But there are so many people who think they are funny with blocking and ramming.. When I play MP about 16:00 there is mostly of the time no administrator online. Then it's a big chaos in the server. But more and more people are joining the mod. More active admin's = More fun for drivers I really want to become Administrator/Moderator whatever, The only thing I want to help is keeping the game funny for everyone. I can spend a lot of time for it. You guys can send me a PM or whatever if you are interesting. Yours Sincerely. Agrelin13 (<-- Also my steam profile.) Ps. I'm Dutch
  4. Check even of je internet connectie wel goed is
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