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  1. I stream live, so I have all records archived. However, I highly doubt anybody cares about a simple player vs a powerful abusive admin. Cops stick together.
  2. That is what worries me. Precisely what worries me. Some of these admins simply abuse their powers and have a giggle about it on TS3. This is not just admins NOT doing their job, this is a case of admins introducing toxicity into the game. How can I possibly enjoy my ETS experience knowing these bullies will kick me for playing by the rules? I DEMAND SATISFACTION. I AM NOT SATISFIED WITH THIS CRAP MOD. It wouldn't be crap if admins were selected a little more carefully. But right now: CRAP. UTTER RUBBISH. UNPLAYABLY BAD.
  3. It seems like the admins favor the trucking "guilds". My guess is they counter-reported me after moving their trucks. My point in this post is simple. Why are admins kicking the innocent? Any reasonable admin should have seen my reports were legit. This is why ETS2MP is NOT the best mod and will not get my vote. Admins themselves are the ones ruining what could be a very enjoyable experience for the people who want to follow the rules outlined on this website. I'm not speaking of all admins of course. There are very good admins who correct situations very fast and fairly. The man who kicked me was an idiot. What are the credentials for being an admin? Admins should be required to show a little bit of professionalism. They're giving the entire ETS2 game a bad rep via steam reviews. People write reviews of the mp mod, instead of the game complaining about these admins. ETS2MP is killing the game as it stands.
  4. I reported 3 players blocking the repair shop so I could not get out, and I got kicked for making false reports. Why do you have admins with no common sense? You kick a player who abides by the rules, and tries to improve the community, and the people breaking the rules go unchecked. Why not just have a free for all demo derby server instead that way you can kick everyone!!!!
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