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  1. Помогите пожалуйста я хочу играть на вашем проекте а меня больше года назад забанили за то чего я не делал ведь я не пацан сопливый а взрослый человек  а теперь не магу не играть не на сайт vtc world зайти помогите я хочу с нуля начать Напишите если не трудно мой диск ????? ????#8495 или сюда


  2. Hello, truckers! Today, after long months of development and testing, we're launching a unique feature of VTC.World - Car Market! Starting today, you will be able to purchase trucks from other VTCW players, as well as selling yours! You can purchase your new transport cheaper than from the game itself, so you will be able to save some cash. There is also a test-drive available, so you will be able to test your future truck before the purchase. Car Market is available in VTCW client or via our in-game browser (use the hotkey to open it from the main menu). We wish your a good purchases and sales, and, most importantly, successful jobs on your new truck! Our teaser How the sell and test drive work (developer's percpective) https://youtu.be/nR9h1GXB6JI Happy trucking!
  3. Happy Birthday! ^^ ?

  4. Sad to see you leave

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