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  1. I'm fairly sure that the avatars are pulled from Steam. Other than that, I don't think there is currently a way to see how your name and picture appear to others. I suggest you make that an official suggestion. -Alex
  2. ↑ @TruCkDr1V3r Yeah, that's what I plan on doing now. Thank you for your knowledge, and a great new year to you. -Alex
  3. Mod Version: Version 0.1.2 R2 Controllers Used: Mouse and keyboard Description of Issue: When sending a private message to another trucker, the game will crash if the message gets too long before sending it. How to reproduce: Attempt to send a private message to another trucker, continuing to type until the game crashes (for me, this is before the message goes off the screen, showing that such messages are not probably spam). While I understand that there should be a character limit on messages, the game should simply stop users from typing once that is reached, rather than crash. Screenshots / Videos: None.
  4. Alexander

    My name.

    I believe your in-game name is your display name on Steam. :-)
  5. ↑ You might be interested in this.
  6. Hello Barryscott! Minimap There is a minimap, which, if disabled, can be accessed with F3. Pressing this key once reveals a detailed module, pressing again removes some detail, and pressing again removes the module In order to zoom in and out to get a better picture of your location, use F5: Alternatively, to get a very good idea of where you are, you can use the universal map, which can be accessed with M when stopped: Group chats and private messages Multiplayer does not natively support group chatting; many players use the TeamSpeak 3 server, ts3.ets2mp.com. However, you can send private messages to players, by pressing Y, and then typing /pm 0 message, where 0 is the identification number of the player that you want to reach, and message is the message that you wish to send to them. To reply to a private message, press Y, and then type /reply message, where message is your response. This syntax is the equivalent to sending a private message to the player that last sent you a private message, or to the player that you last sent a private message. Happy trucking, -Alex
  7. ↑ It was mostly boredom that pushed me to make the post, but what brings me the most joy is how correct you are.
  8. Hi MrWohoo, Yes, it is possible to reconnect to Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer after being kicked due to being idle. Here are possible steps (there may be more shortcuts, such as the ones Max Power mentioned above). Press Esc. Save if desired. Select Quit. Select Yes. Locate the icon for multiplayer and execute its program. Wait for the opening animation to finish. Alternatively, to avoid this, you can use Esc. Login. Be sure to select the server that you wish to connect to. When spawning, be sure to spawn in a safe area. Happy trucking, -Alex
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