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  1. Hi I have searched for this but cant find many answers, I am having an issue where when I press X to activate my CB radio the key does nothing, the icon that normally pops up when pushing the button isn't there also. it seems as if the key has been unbinded but im pretty sure that is not possible. I have also ran a test on my mic in game and it seems to work when testing
  2. Thank you for the following me!

  3. Thanks for the follow ❤️

  4. figured out how to change my profile picture after 15 minutes ???

    1. Jamie Appleby

      Jamie Appleby

      How did you get to changing your picture? When I try to save mine, it says please use the correct format but I'm using one of the formats it suggests.
      I've actually tried saving in all the different formats, but still not having it ?

  5. iiVoid

    Mini map?

    Thank you but is there a mini map where you can see other people?
  6. iiVoid

    Mini map?

    Is there a mini map or somethingg in mp because when me and my friend are separated it's hard for us to explain where we are and I want to know also is there group chat in this game on private messages?
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