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  1. New series Bad Drivers TruckersMp bad drivers crash compilation! 


  2. So many people haul things from c-d, but I can never find jobs going there, How do all you guys do it?
  3. But I can go there wityhout the DLC? also what are the high populated routes now?
  4. do you need the dlc to go there? I can spawn in paris but dont have the dlc...
  5. Nobody is in Europort anymore! Where are the traffic jams at nowadays and where are al;l teh traffic?
  6. so, is it legal to download a save found online 100% complete?
  7. if I download a save file online and it comes with paint jobs, do I get the paint jobs..Would I be illegally downloading the DLCs? Is it illegal to download a save file?
  8. I found a mod and downloaded it, its a hybrid truck. I enabled it in game but where do I buy it?
  9. I want to make one but im confused
  10. is it okay to use on multiplayer or against rules
  11. So, I want this setup, The "Original" Mercedes Actros 6x4 750Hp Volvo& New Actros Transmission How do I get the volvo engine on a mercedes truck? with taht transmission
  12. This mods origins is polish, so t hey put polish first
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