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  1. @THCKingdom808 i remember half a year back there being a bug in mp where people would organize convoys or meetings and if X amount of players were loaded in your field of view Game crashed with a FATAL ERROR box this could be because of there being allot more trailers it has to load ? i have no clue , but i will test later today with loading in with a eddited trailer if that maybe crashes the client. Inbefore they update the mod again
  2. fyi: This does not break the modding guidelines >>>>> as off 22-aug-2017 (07 :00) Mod Guidelines Link ! @[ST-E] GrayWolf-Ky @THCKingdom808 @Dj Jefferz Atlas GG Owner @TSRVTC - CheeseOnToast #H64 @Vynzen A friend of mine told me there are in fact painted trailers ingame .... under WOT Jobs near Oslo, this should not affect other players at all Proof Video >>>>>>>>> Youtube link 1 [This one can not be edited. ea it does not change color after editing.] ^^^^^^ Bug w/o blinkers on ^^^^^^ Bug w blinkers on <-- this happens when u try to change color of a WOT Job. Yes i became invisible to him. However When getting a trailer that is in the in game job market, These can be edited. [only thing i changed was its color] What the other player see's >imgur< We did a test by Driving out of LOD distance detaching the trailer ... etc. NONE Of these things crashed neither one of our games !!!! Proof of this in a Video >>>>> Youtube link 2 The reasons which i think why they put this rule in place is to stop people from editing it so the trailer weight is 1T which they can not see from your client if i am mistaken. And the second reason being that u would be able to attach multiple trailers in ATS / Not ETS I dont think u can put infinite small trailers behind each other The only thing that we did not test is if the person loads up their game when i am there with a Coloured trailer! P.S. Ignore the quality of the video .... recent shadowplay update caused this. And Sorry for the Long post.
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