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  1. Would this "Double" HTC be allowed Noraml trailer + dolly + 1 Axle trailer https://imgur.com/a/Pam2BUp Link to a few screenshots of it. -Thx
  2. Not sure if this is the right place to ask But Is this allowed? 1.Storing these trailers outside of Finland? 2.Driving these trailers outside of Its dlc area > Driving HTC In Norway and Sweden? https://imgur.com/a/epcqJVm
  3. Quick Question, i Assume that This is allowed now or ? since it is part of Forerunners mod? https://imgur.com/a/0etfVfK And if this is allowed on my truck, you can have up to 3 bars? or not? (only 2 being used) https://imgur.com/a/pDykD8y - Thanks
  4. @THCKingdom808 i remember half a year back there being a bug in mp where people would organize convoys or meetings and if X amount of players were loaded in your field of view Game crashed with a FATAL ERROR box this could be because of there being allot more trailers it has to load ? i have no clue , but i will test later today with loading in with a eddited trailer if that maybe crashes the client. Inbefore they update the mod again
  5. fyi: This does not break the modding guidelines >>>>> as off 22-aug-2017 (07 :00) Mod Guidelines Link ! @[ST-E] GrayWolf-Ky @THCKingdom808 @Dj Jefferz Atlas GG Owner @TSRVTC - CheeseOnToast #H64 @Vynzen A friend of mine told me there are in fact painted trailers ingame .... under WOT Jobs near Oslo, this should not affect other players at all Proof Video >>>>>>>>> Youtube link 1 [This one can not be edited. ea it does not change color after editing.] ^^^^^^ Bug w/o blinkers on ^^^^^^ Bug w blinkers on <-- this happens when u try to change color of a WOT Job. Yes i became invisible to him. However When getting a trailer that is in the in game job market, These can be edited. [only thing i changed was its color] What the other player see's >imgur< We did a test by Driving out of LOD distance detaching the trailer ... etc. NONE Of these things crashed neither one of our games !!!! Proof of this in a Video >>>>> Youtube link 2 The reasons which i think why they put this rule in place is to stop people from editing it so the trailer weight is 1T which they can not see from your client if i am mistaken. And the second reason being that u would be able to attach multiple trailers in ATS / Not ETS I dont think u can put infinite small trailers behind each other The only thing that we did not test is if the person loads up their game when i am there with a Coloured trailer! P.S. Ignore the quality of the video .... recent shadowplay update caused this. And Sorry for the Long post.
  6. @Killua (DavidOC93) @LordBenji Thanks for making this into a mod for the community. You probably already know , if u want to get the big white wheels change into
  7. @Spieker @Forerunner So me and a friend went out to test some things about the hitbox on the standard trailer it is on normally, turns out the collision box is still the same. So why is there a difference if it would be on a standard trailer or the blue trailer as shown above? Example's https://youtu.be/taxH86p4vHI https://youtu.be/6TO08y4DaAk as shown in these 2 video's the trailer , with the cargo it belongs on.
  8. @Spieker Its about the width of the tractor , length and height wise it shouldn't affect anything but the width could cause issue's for other trucks on the road, as they could collide with the hitbox. when standing in traffic or when overtaking the hitbox could cause both people to inflict damage on their truck / trailer
  9. Thank you for the reply. As you said , it is only sii editing - Base trailer :Truck transporter -Wheel's :Cartrans -Cargo : " tractor.dlc_trailers" collision: "/vehicle/trailer_eu/overweight/cargo_chal_tractor.dlc_trailers.pmc" ^^^^^^ That is the Collision box of the Cargo : Yes the 2nd example was a experiment but the Width of the trailers is the same as So therefore it is not allowed according to the Mod guideline's?
  10. (Feel free to move this topic if posted in the wrong thread) So i have got a Question for the admins, @Forerunner Are you allowed to Edit trailers? .Sii editing of course. 1. They do not have larger hitboxes then the standard ingame hitboxes of these trailers (and cargo's). 2. These trailers do not contain any truck or car parts. 3. The blue Trailer as show is in the base game. ( if not mistaken) under /def/vehicle/trailer/truck_transporter/chassis.sii 4. the cargo's are from the base game (or from supported dlc's in multiplayer)( S.a. : SchwartzMüller dlc and High Power Cargo pack) 5. These should work in Mp and shouldn't give a auto kick So my question is. Are these allowed? If so i might release them as mods in the foreseeable future Examples: Base game Trailer + Base game cargo High Power Cargo Pack + Base game trailer http://imgur.com/f7UaLnI (Cargo's larger hitbox) Using the height ofset from the SchwarzMüller dlc
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