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  1. Last Sunday's TMP Grand Prix Championship was a blast! And as usual, I've recorded some of the best moments, from the first race to the final as well as the end celebration. And the video is now up! Enjoy! :)





    Here's last year's:


    1. DerAmpelmann


      Aye, it's a nice song I hear. :D



    2. KaitanFox


      The one time racing is allowed on the Truckers.MP servers. Looks like great fun though, how do you get to do it?

    3. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      It's a yearly event, @NotSoFancyFox. A few days prior to the date of the event, sign ups are made available for users interested in participating. There are some requirements they must meet, though. If the users who sign up to race meet the requirements, they are entered in the championship. Stay tuned on the site for new events! https://www.truckersmp.com

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  2. Are you guys excited for the third TruckersMP Grand Prix Championship later today? It's a really fun event! https://truckersmp.com/blog/145



    Here's a taste of it to get you hyped:


    1. MarkON


      It'll be a great evening :tmp:

      Well, I'd certainly will be watching this event.


  3. Well, first of all, post about this sort of stuff here on the forums doesn't get anything solved. Secondly, I can assure you that your feedback ticket has not been ignored. It will be answered by one of the folks in charge of that sometime soon. However, you do need to bear in mind that feedback tickets do sometimes take a while to get answered. This is a community that has over 2 million users and a large portion of those users send feedback tickets almost on a daily basis so it is only normal that sometimes it may take some time for upper staff to manage to go through it all. Besides, they work on a "first in-first out" manner. That is: Older tickets are answered first. So really, it's not that yours have been ignored. Not at all. There's just other tickets ahead of yours. To illustrate it, it's like being in a traffic jam to get onto a ferry at the port. Only those at the front of the jam, which are the ones who arrived there first, will manage to get into the ferry first. Those who just arrived there will be at the end of the jam and thus, will need to wait sometime until it is their turn in line to board the ferry. I understand your frustration, but just be patient, my friend. Your turn will come, soon.
  4. A resposta para sua pergunta está na própria screenshot que você postou: "Permanent due to history". Isso quer dizer, "Permanente devido ao histórico". Ou seja... você já foi banido mais de cinco vezes em menos de 12 meses por violar as regras, então a regra 2.9 teve que ser aplicada. Não vou entrar em detalhes sobre esse assunto aqui pois não fui eu quem te baniu (mesmo que fosse, não poderia falar sobre isso aqui) e muito menos este é o lugar para se tratar de tal assunto, mas o que posso te dizer é que em casos assim, quando você é banido, o correto a se fazer é criar um apelo lá no site, se explicando, para que o Moderador que te baniu possa rever seu caso e avaliar se você pode/deve ser desbanido ou não. Apenas o Moderador que te baniu pode fazer algo sobre este ban e única e exclusivamente através do sistema de apelos. Você comentar sobre isso aqui no fórum não vai ter nenhum efeito. Use este link para criar seu apelo, RodPlayer: https://truckersmp.com/appeals Pode escrever em português mesmo. Não tem problema.
  5. Thank you so much to all of you who congratulated me on the promotion! <3 I am not going to tag all of you here because I don't want to spam you, but you know who you are. Thank you! dragonhug.gif?1


    And to co celebrate, let us have some lols! dummy.gif


    1. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      Thank you, chaps! ^-^

    2. Evandr0


      Congratulations on the promotion for GM leader, Mike! :D

    3. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      Thank you! <3

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  6. You can't use the ambulance. Maybe if you can manage to convert it to singleplayer you can use it there. Otherwise, you can't. The ambulance, the firetruck and the traffic control van are highly imperfect vehicles at this point and not fully implemented so their usage is extremely limited. So much so that the ambulance and firetruck wouldn't even move on the last event (RO6). Technically speaking, they are not even vehicles of their own. Only authorized staff members can use them and only on specific occasions, as it has been the case with Real Operation 6 and previously, the Christmas 12 Hours Convoy, where the van first appeared. If any of these vehicles is attempted to be used by someone on multiplayer, the server will automatically kick the person using the vehicle in the same way it kicks someone who tries to use police accessories on their Scout.
  7. Right then... about time I write what should now be the final update on this little project of mine that I have been working on since late last year: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/profile/666-mike-dragon/&amp;status=120306&amp;type=status I meant to post about it weeks ago, around early February, actually, but I kept on postponing it for various reasons (mostly laziness).


    So then, as I have mentioned previously, I've been having issues with that PC where it would completely lock up at seemingly random moments and for no apparent reason. After many tests I came to the conclusion that the problem was, most likely, being caused by the processor cooler. So I ordered a new one eventually and once it arrived, I got it installed.



    Perfect installation, brand new thermal compound and much lower temperatures with the new cooler and no problems to read the RPM like the old cooler!




    Everything seemed to be going well and the computer worked for quite some time without showing any signs of the problems it was having before the cooler was replaced. Until it did, that is. So I was like, "WTF?!". While playing Need for Speed Most Wanted as a test, it eventually locked up again. I was a bit bamboozled but also quite frustrated. If replacing the cooler didn't fix the problem, then there should be only one last thing left to replace: The motherboard. Which I really did NOT want to do. Besides, despite the circumstances pointing at the motherboard being the guilty one for the problem, I highly doubted that it is defective. Then I remembered that AIDA64, which I have installed on Windows XP on this PC, has a system stress battery of tests. I needed a detailed diagnostic so I ran it a few times (should have done it from the beginning, to be honest). Sometimes the test would fail to run and when it would run, the system would lock up again. But to my surprise, it only happened when I had the RAM selected to be subjected to the stress test.




    I was surprised by this result because I had tested the RAM with Memtest on this motherboard as well as another one and in neither tests any problems were found. So I went into full "Screw it!" mode and replaced the two 512MB DDR2 RAM modules for a single 1 GB DDR400 module (this motherboard supports both generations. Just not both at the same time) and ran ALL the tests all over again with the older memory and SON OF A GUN!!! After two days of heavy testing, not a single problem! The computer, for the first time since I started to actually use it, ran smoothly as if it was brand new. Not a single Windows crash, not a single lock up as it was happening before, not a single failure on AIDA64's stress tests, nothing. I suppose the DDR2 RAM slots on the motherboard might not be as good as I believed they were, after all. Well, that sucks! :thisisfine:


    Fun fact, Internet Explorer 5 on Windows 2000 is still able to browse Google. I wasn't expecting that.



    Anyway... It's been weeks now since I have finished all the tests on this PC and put it back together, for good, this time. I still need to get it some support so it won't sit on the floor as it currently is (which is bad for it), but other than that it is working perfectly fine!


    Between the time I brought it back to my bedroom for actual usage and now, I have installed some games on it and even experimented with recording a game from the PC itself.


    I tested it under Windows XP and used Bandicam. King of the Road is very playable while recording, despite the lower framerate and compared to capturing with my old TV capture card, it's definitely a far better choice, image-wise. Though the framerate, although playable, did bug me quite a lot. For comparison, here's some actual playthrough of the same game that I recorded on Sunday, just a few hours after Real Operations 6 ended (I was very tired when I recorded this video). This was, however, recorded using my TV capture card. You should notice the smooth framerate, but lower image quality. I actually address these points I just mentioned in the video itself:




    So all in all, I suppose I can say I am happy with this little project I have been working on for so many months, now, and I suppose I can say that it is finally finished. Should I have to work on it again, hopefully it should be to simply upgrade something. I certainly would like to have a higher-end AGP graphics card for this system. But for now, this is all.  dummy.gif 



  8. A PSA for your weekend:


  9. Mine's an old classic. My dad's 1980 Fiat 147 that he gave me a few months ago as my first car, which I am currently restoring. Lovely little car. Been in the family since I was born. Engine, transmission, suspension, brakes and all other main components are already finished. The car can already drive by itself (without being pushed or towed, that is. It works. I can already take it around if I want) and it runs like new. Just need to finish restoring the fuel system (just got a new fuel buoy but the fuel indicator on the dashboard needs fixing and the fuel cap on the side needs replacement. Fuel hoses might need replacing, but that's yet to be checked) and get to work on restoring the interior, fixing the doors and some details on the body (there's some rust under the hood. Might have to replace it. There's also a few small rust spots under the passenger door), giving it a new paintjob, tires, replacing a few minor decoration parts and the wipers, re-licensing it and it will be ready to tackle the city once more for many more years. I'm giving it electric windows and a stereo. Our little boy is slowly being revived and I am very excited about it. :3 Once restoration is complete, it should look more like the one in this photo:
  10. Welp... I guess I hate my life and want to die now (this is a joke, by the way. No one should wish to die, never! I'm being comically dramatic. Do NOT take that first sentence seriously. In fact, this sentence is a reference to an old video that used a Parry Gripp song, which I will link below)... I just finished season two of The Dragon Prince and there's no season 3 out yet or news of when it will be coming out and I don't know what to do now that I have been left on a massive cliffhanger of this awesomely epic fantasy story that brings together humans, elfs, dragons, magic and a buttload of other epic things.



    It's just one of those shows that you enjoy so much that you could do nothing but watch it all day long and you'd still would be left wanting more!


    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      I understand your feeling, I watched this brilliant show and season 2 ended with a big cliihanger but the channel cancelled in out of no where so no season 3 :(:(:(:(:(:(

    2. BrunoPelogia


      Same here mike..it ended way too fast lol...now i'm waiting for stranger things

  11. Just to add to what Forerunner said above, I do need to remind you that the van is in reality, a Scout. It's been updated from their first version that was used on Christmas (which if you can remember, you could see part of the Scout's body through the windshield) but it's still a Scout. No different from a beach buggy and a VW Beetle, for example. You may swap the body but underneath, they are both the exact same car. Bring ST to MP is a far more complex issue than you can possibly imagine and it's not really all that feasible. We wish it was a simple matter of just "wanting" or not to do it. The scenario Creator, me, Forerunner and Wheezy put up with those trains and the vans was merely a simulation of a special transport haul. Like Fore has already stated, CreatorInDeep and I were driving those vans. It was not the AI. Him and I were talking to coordinate how we would position our vans to simulate what the Special Transport DLC adds to singleplayer, but without an actual cargo from that DLC. The stuff we hauled and escorted was much smaller, in comparison.
  12. It's Sunday, my dudes! Start it off with a new song you already know but never really heard before:


  13. Alright, cool! I just got my very first season rewards in Rocket League! dummy.gif First time playing ranked and I am not that great, but I've managed Platinum so I guess it's something. Got Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum wheels from ranking on Season 9.

  14. Me going through the week be like:



    Me when I remember that Sunday ends up in a Monday:


  15. Happy Single's Day, I guess!

  16. How about an awesome topical song to end the evening, hm?


    Genesis - Land of Confusion


  17. I'm not gonna comment on what I think of these "motivational" phases/quotes I see some people posting in their statuses but I'll say this: No quote is better than mine and nothing you say will prove me wrong! Hah! >:3


    "It's got a a face, but no body. You'll never stay if you don't go."

    1. A Simple Cheeseburger

      A Simple Cheeseburger

      "The words make sense, but make no sense. If I keep trying it must work eventually"
      pretty much how I see that quote. That could just be down to me being 'simple' :p

    2. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      It's not because you are "simple". It's because you simply don't know what the quote is from. :kappa:


    3. A Simple Cheeseburger

      A Simple Cheeseburger

      Well im gonna have nightmares

  18. That one time a cactus almost killed me. Good times...


  19. Meanwhile, after a long day of checking reports and appeals:







    @A Simple Cheeseburger

    1. MrBrandman


      Can I has some too? and @xTH3xMaNcZx I spy 3 CVPIs, an Impala, and I think a Taurus


    2. Andy_


      Oh i see. Burt all are nice cars anyways :D 

    3. A Simple Cheeseburger

      A Simple Cheeseburger

      Wait that third one down is an Impala? I had no clue what it was, didn't look like one to me.

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  20. Awesome team convoy on the best game with the best team mates, @JeffSFC @K0rnholio @SprinterFS @dualznz @TeamDeer @MattR_TMP @David Edson :D



    1. MattR


      Whose the guy with the B-Doubles jeeze he needs to learn how to park

    2. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      I know, right? XD

    3. PUSHROD


      ATS Convoy was top notch. Great work & many thx to the team. :<)

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  21. Noo, not you, boss! We will miss you dearly, Scar!


    Thank you so much for giving me a chance to be a part of the team and for all the good work you have done during your time in charge of us. Take good care, pal! dragonhug.gif?1

  22. Let's begin the Friday with some lols, shall we?


    1. Alexander


      Shall we?

      All in fun, of course.  :)

  23. It is really likely to be Washington next. A while ago Pavel mentioned that they'd like to reach that state soon because of the Paccar factory in there.
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