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  1. ^

    This x50.


    The reason reports normally take so long to be reviewed is because most of you, the players, make tons of useless reports. If everyone would file reports that actually contain an infraction worth of punishment, then the wait time would drop to at least half the time it currently is. And that for the simple reason that there would be many less reports for the staff to deal with. Seriously... there are people who play for about two hours then go on and file 15 or more reports at once and not even half of those are things that should deserve even a kick, let alone a ban. Just to put it in contrast, I play really often and I rarely ever end up filing more than four reports per month.  And not to brag but... all my reports are always accepted and the player I reported punished. Why? Because I only report stuff that actually should be reported instead of cluttering the system with minor and insignificant things like most people do.


    You guys want reports to be reviewed sooner? Then file better reports. That's all you need. You player already have the solution in your hands. All you need to do is apply that solution.

  2. Unfortunately, Truckers MP currently only supports the x64 Windows family of operating systems. Unless you bootcamp your Mac to run a x64 copy of Windows 7 Service Pack 1 or higher, such as Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 (Windows Vista and below are not supported as well as any x86 version of the supported versions), you won't be able to play multiplayer. Linux is also not supported, by the way.

  3. No, you can't. Only one player/ID per report. Even if the video evidence shows multiple players that you need to report, you need to create a different report for each one of them and inform their respective IDs on each report. The evidence, however (in this case) can be the same. Just make sure to inform the correct timestamp.

  4. If you are nearby that city, all you gotta do is press F7 and then Enter. You should be teleported to Duisburg's repair shop, then. Otherwise, if you own Duisburg's garage, simply Quick Travel to it. If you own that garage, press G in your keyboard or open the Garage Manager from your main menu, select Duisburg and then click on "Quick Travel". It will take you to Duisburg's garage.

  5. No que diz respeito aos administradores, estão lá basicamente só para os IGAs poderem rodar com viaturas de polícia, o que faz sentido no caso deles, porém função real não há. No que diz respeito aos jogadores, bom... basicamente servem apenas para que as pessoas não choraminguem que querem andar de carro mas não podem. Em outras palavras... Servem pra nada além de servir como enfeite, na prática. =P


    Apesar disso eu gosto de pegar o meu e dar umas voltas por aí com música no fundo. É bom para relaxar de vez em quando. Mas função real mesmo eles não tem nenhuma. Assim como seus freios, estão lá só de enfeite. lol

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  6. This is a common problem that affects some players, however, the currently best known solution is to be patient.


    This issue normally occurs because time is handled by the server. When you perform any action that makes time move forward in your game (sleep, teleport, take ferry/train, etc.), your game client needs to calculate how much money your AI drivers should make in the time span that is passing, though it can only do it after it obtains the information it needs about time from the server. In other words: Your client needs to synchronize with the server.

    Normally this process should not take long but in some cases, particularly with player profiles that have too many AI drivers, with computers that may not have sufficient processing power or simply have a unstable/slow internet connection, this process may take longer. The game may seem frozen/not responding but in truth, it actually is still working.

    Please allow your client to finish syncing with the server and loading everything. It may take a while but it should happen only once if you let it load without interfering. Leave the computer alone until it's done, if necessary.


    Alternatively, you can fire most or all of your AI driver and/or create a new fresh profile. Less drivers means less data do process and sync and thus, less time spent on the loading screen each time time has to flow quickly.

  7. Considering the fact that the launcher was having issues to contact the update server but it worked fine upon switching from a cabled connection to a wireless connection, it would seem that the problem was a poor internet connection, in this case, caused by a faulty ethernet cable or connector.






    OP informed the problem has been solved so the thread will now be locked and moved to Solved.

  8. ^

    To anyone who maybe still think that isn't clear, just think of how the replays in Team Fortress 2, Overwatch, Counter Strike, Mario Kart and Rocket League work. It's the exact same thing. Essentially it is a "ghost data". No video is recorded. Only movements which then are replayed by the game, just like ghost data in Mario Kart.

  9. Seu Windows é 32-bit ou 64? Caso não saiba ou não tenha certeza, aperte as teclas Windows+Pause/Break ou clique com o botão direito do mouse em Computador e então clique em Propriedades. A seguinte janela vai se abrir (screenshot abaixo). Nela, observe a o campo "System Type" (não me lembro como está em português), logo abaixo da memória RAM.



    Se seu Windows for 32-bit (x86), você não conseguirá executar o launcher de TruckersMP. Apenas versões x64 do Windows são suportadas pelo mod.

  10. This is a known problem that affects some players, usually the ones with many AI drivers and/or low computer specs. This happens when your client attempts to sync with the server. Low computer specs and/or a big amount of AI drivers can cause the game to take much longer than it should to process all the information about the drivers and how much money they have made in the time that is passing when you sleep, take a ferry/train, teleport, etc. 

    Unfortunately, the currently best known solution to this issue is patience. The game may seem frozen and not responding but in truth, it is still working. It may take a while (usually 10 to 15 minutes or so in some cases) but the best thing to do is to be patient and wait until it is done loading everything. Preferably without the computer being given any new commands. Just let it sit there and do its thing without being touched. Once the game manages to finish its task of processing the drivers's information and loading, this problem should not happen again too soon.

    Alternatively, you can either fire most/all of your drivers so the amount of information that needs to be processed is lower or create a new, fresh profile for testing purposes.

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