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  1. Please don't be aggressive towards other users, as bad as their post may be.

    There are moderators to deal with that but there's no need to be aggressive

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    2. TUNANKA


      Ich Stimme mit Ihnen überein. :check:

    3. Positivetrucking168


      Well, backseat moderation will get the job done no probs :troll:

    4. The_Falcon
  2. If someone is blocking a single lane on the road and there is space to go around (not blocking the whole road), then please simply go around the user.  


    Don't go behind the user, as close as you can, blast your horn and flash your lights and make a report as those offences are only kickable if there is room to go around

  3. Statement Regarding Recent Developments in the Community

    @RomeQ Rather than making bold statements like that (and this goes for everyone), try giving constructive feedback. Say why (in a polite manner) you think that should be or what you think needs to change in the bigger picture. And to everyone saying give it a rest, just don't look at this thread. This is something that needs resolution and it will take many posts here to reach that stage. And yes it is only a game
  4. Statement Regarding Recent Developments in the Community

    This is an example of why people should check their facts before making baseless accusations
  5. Statement Regarding Recent Developments in the Community

    Look, everyone now is aware of the protests. However, because people constantly break rules with status updates that are not allowed, spamming, breaking rules in-game etc. The point will not be passed forward because some people are ruining it for others. The awareness is there but it is being washed away by people breaking rules. Simply, whoever is leading it, just ask the rule breakers to stop, and have a mature discussion. Everyone is watching now so if you are worried it will be brushed under the carpet, you are wrong because it is in the public eye now. If both sides are mature, do this like grown up men/women, then hopefully there will be resolution and the protest will achieve things.
  6. Statement Regarding Recent Developments in the Community

    If I let my true feelings out, I would definitely be kicked so I will control it and nor will I resort to being rude or using profanity on the forums and treating others like kids. Seeing this all happen is a real shame and on a personal level, when chatting to some of the people who left, they were really amazing and dedicated team members who for sure, I will miss. Even in game, the polish community is a jolly bunch of players and are really funny as well. It will be a shame seeing so many leave TMP and take some of it's soul with them. Remember, those who have left, do not be sad, there are plenty of other games and there is life which is amazing and much more important. Go have fun and enjoy yourselves However, it was bad seeing so many rules broken on the forum and discord. I get people were annoyed but it invalidated the points/problem by breaking rules and the main problem got hidden and others got the upper hand. Remember, karma always comes around so there was no need to break the rules. Anyways, if anyone wants a word, feel free to DM me on discord, I reply to everyone and am a good listener.
  7. My opinion on all this.    It is a shame.  But let's not break the rules and let's not spam.  Breaking rules does not help and it only just makes the situation worse.  


    Let's keep some unity, regardless of our problems and misunderstandings and anger.


    Take it to DMs, feel free to DM me if you want to discuss, I am a good listener.  


    Sorry for the status update spam from me.

    1. ShawnCZek


      Well said. Thank you for this post. :)

  8. Lunacy 


    1. Connor200024
    2. The_Falcon


      oO la la    Hi:P

  9. First experience of MP

    I don't think you drove on eu2 or in any major city. Beware for that btw. It's a totally different experience
  10. If you see "only a kickable offense" on any of your reports from me, it means I'm giving the player another chance. Everyone makes mistakes and it's unfair if everyone gets banned for little things 


    If you've been given a chance, please take it and learn from it. 


    And please don't ban evade to bypass your bans or troll because you'll face the full wrath of me

    1. The_Falcon


      I agree with you,i saw some people reports about a minor matter. They report for it,sometimes admin accept his report ,sometimes a good admin like you :P  get a chance to those player:troll:

  11. Shame there is no super facepalm emoji.  Actually there's this. Today needs this 


    1. Penguin


      Hold up, It's not Monday yet! :P

  12. thank you for the follow

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      that's real

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      your forum account isn't worth anything then


      jks :troll:

  13. Just another pointless "thank you for the follow" status update, wasting space and pushing important status updates out the list :troll:

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      Congrats for getting promoted on each profile :D

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      too many reaction on this statut update

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      apart from this status tho

  14. merhaba banımın zamanı geçti ama hala kaldırmadınız yardımcı olur musunuz ?

    1. izm07




      Almış olduğunuz yasaklanma cezasının bitiş süresi bugün 23:47'dir. UTC +3 zaman diliminde olmamızı takiben bu tarz karışıklıklar meydana gelebilmekte. Yapmanız gereken tek şey sabırlı olmak ve beklemek, anlayışınız için teşekkürler. :)