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  1. As a cat owner, I can attest that the following statement and associated photo is nothing but darn tootin' accurate as heck:



    1. K0rnholio


      Oh so true tho Mike :LUL:

    2. ~Ciprian-Ionut~
    3. NotSoFancyFox


      as someone who owns 4 cats, I can agree.

  2. Volcanoes are the zits of Earth.

  3. AAAAAH!!! I FOUND IT!!!!



    The tape with that song!! :D



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    2. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      I'm afraid not. All there is on the back is a list of the songs (which is also present on the front, as you can see). No mention of any specific artist, band or even the company who recorded the compilation or distributor.

    3. A Simple Cheeseburger

      A Simple Cheeseburger

      Darn, The elusive tale of the cassette cover continues!

    4. Mike Dragon
  4. It's Sunday so have some cute in your day:


    1. ScaniaFan89


      Cats like " *beep* off im tryin to sleep here " 

    2. Ady Man
  5. Brace yourselves. Real Operations 7 is coming. This should be our biggest one yet. Lots of new and cool stuff never seen before! I'm sure you'll like them. Wanna know what they are? Then come to the event this Sunday. I won't tell you. No spoilers! ;) 



  6. What even? Sure, he was losing but still... what even?? 



    1. Ady Man

      Ady Man

      Good Job Mike Dragon :mlg_doge:

  7. Fancy some vaporwave? Here you go:




    My first post since I moved into a new house. So much to unpack and organize still left to do, though. ;-;

  8. Need to sleep but you can't? Like trucks? Then here... take a dose of this:


    Good night. :)

    1. Thurston


      Good Night:wub:

  9. Meanwhile...


    1. CAMSHAFT#1


      uh huh, like oh yea!!:love:

  10. For no particular reason that I am willing to tell, I will drop this here for your enjoyment and chance to try and figure out if there really isn't a particular reason as to why I am posting this video again, especially at this moment. Have fun! dummy.gif



    1. K0rnholio


      At least that wasn't my Iveco ^_^

    2. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      So long as it's a Scania, it's fine. :sir: 

    3. CAMSHAFT#1
  11. Due to reasons I will not mention, if I play MP on this Sunday 30th, I will change the paintjob on my truck and my dear Draco Pete will look like this for the day:






    This is what it normally looks like: 


    1. Ady Man

      Ady Man

      Nice Photo 10+ :wub:

  12. Here. Have a Pete because yes.


  13. D R I N K   M I L K !


    Is good for you!

    1. Fumiko


      lool how do you find these?

    2. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      I have my sources. :megusta:

  14. My brain after I play ATS for a few hefty hours:




    My brain after I play ETS2 for a few minutes:



    I definitely prefer the effects ATS produces. :thisisfine:

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    2. Twilight_Sparkle


      Now we need to find one for just driving c-d road all day. 

    3. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      That would be something long the lines of:



    4. Twilight_Sparkle
  15. It's Monday and a new week is starting! Get pumped!


    1. Twilight_Sparkle


      I think I saw something like this before, PepeLaugh

    2. Thurston
    3. szykaro23
  16. Thank you so much to everyone who wished me a happy birthday! dragonhug.gif?1


    @Ady Man @ASIR [CZE] @K-Sprint @Skazochnik @Japs_TMP @RazvanRO15 @Thurston @Chris2306 @Averazon @RazvyRazvan15 @Batuhan1086 @Szifter @Fred Flintstone @szykaro23 @TomiikCZ @ElectroHouse20 @FBTC DAF - Raaphael @Callum Johnson @Haulvoc @Knusperschnitzel @S.E.T AssassinGoEasy @Soryn Official @VCouto @dangrexf


    I did not reply directly to every single one of you but I did read all your posts! dragonnod1.gif?1 


    And though I cannot share any cake with any of you, I can share these:





    You all have a great week! dummy.gif

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    2. VCouto


      <3 <3 <3

    3. Thurston


      You're welcome, Have fun every day.:wub:

    4. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      I'm a bit late, Happy Birthday :)

  17. Have you ever heard a cat snoring with reverb?


    You're welcome!

  18. Sometimes you just gotta let things be as they are. Help sometimes may only turn things to the worse. Still... there is a chance it might be a hilarious turn for the worse!


  19. The fixed trailer for the Sonic movie is out now! It looks soooo much better!



  20. So then... we have a new kitten! dragonwant.gif?1 Look at her!


    This itteh bitteh kitteh is very energetic, adorable, cute, fluffy, loving and loves to be around people! She's too sweet! yayzplz.gifShe doesn't REALLY have a name yet, though. My mother calls her Princess. I heard my brother calling her Luna, a few times, even though as far as I know, he knows nothing about My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, let alone watch it; so I just thought of something... why don't I call her Celestia? Think of it... Her fur is white, my mother calls her "Princess", my brother calls her "Luna", Celestia is a princess and she's white. It's the perfect name! dummy.gif

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    2. A Simple Cheeseburger

      A Simple Cheeseburger

      Seeing those pictures just confirms why I'll always prefer cats to dogs. There's nothing cuter!

    3. Twilight_Sparkle


      She's a very cute kitty, "princess celestia" 

    4. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
  21. That moment when you are playing Rocket League on one PC and have work on the second PC and a wonderful little, furry white being jumps on the desk and walks over the keyboards of both computers...



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    2. K0rnholio


      That is so adorbs :love:

    3. Twilight_Sparkle


      Cute kitty

    4. Tuna_


      Aahaha, que linda a brincar com a bola! Muitas felicidades :D

  22. Monday sucks so have a birb.


    1. Twilight_Sparkle


      Back to work for me from having 3 weeks off pretty much.

  23. When a player breaks a rule and tries to run away. :troll: 



    I'm just joking, of course. :P

    1. ʊ̯Gonzálezʊ̯
    2. NotSoFancyFox


      Well thats pretty accurate tbh.

  24. Microsoft's forcibly pushing Windows 10 onto users and intentionally forcing Windows 7's death. Meanwhile...



    1. A Simple Cheeseburger

      A Simple Cheeseburger

      If Windows 10 is the future, let me get my time machine to stay in 2009.

  25. Having troubles in the Calais-Duisburg area? Too many trolls? Too much traffic? I have the perfect solution to solve those issues on MP. Here's a map of the area, showing the solution:





    Better than that, only if we replace the whole game with ATS. Now THAT would be a major improvement to everything!



    1. A Simple Cheeseburger

      A Simple Cheeseburger

      I don't get it. All I see is a happy calm and peaceful ma- OHHH

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