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  1. happy Birthday :D

  2. Anyone else experiencing lag spikes around every 4 - 8 minuets? 

  3. Keep getting this error when trying to drive my DAF truck with the new DAF DLC addons. Anyone else experiencing this crash error?
  4. Steam seems to be having troubles downgrading or downloading games. Gets to a certain point then just stops. 

  5. Any admins able to help out at Europoort on EU#2. Two pink trucks blocking roads. 

    1. Elysia ELF

      Elysia ELF

      Report them m8

      And make a Video 

      Now you have a piece of evidence

    2. Da n R O

      Da n R O

      Please record and report them on Truckersmp

  6. Anyone else experiencing extremely high ping? Speed test shows 19ms but in game im 1104ms

    1. Folriden


      Yeah, I have 600+...

    2. Ross.gif


      Must just be a server side issue.


  7. Just booked my driving lessons in advanced, woop.

  8. Who else has a Logitech G29 and how do I set it up to where I can feel the road, engine and collisions like the G27....

  9. Just saw this on Instagram. @Clarkinator


    1. heyhococo


      Yup, cookies are a magical thing...

  10. oh wait never mind.


  11. The servers are being worked on. There isn't a new update out yet.
  12. Thank god for warranty. Logitech has sent me out a new G29. 

    1. Ross.gif


      I hope they don't take my G27. I only need a new set of pedals. But they said oh well. May aswell give him a £300 wheel for free.

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