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  1. Our overhauled VTC is back! vtc.pilgrimgaming.com :)

  2. Yeah, i see it now. Seems we have to find a cargo to deliver at the port. And maybe then we can get the option to select another trailer from there? Anyhow. Thank you guys so much for your help
  3. Hmm... Thats weird. Check this out: Im avaliable to pick up a cargo that is supposed to be picked up in Oslo on Container Port, and be delivered to Lòdz on Poland. Why is it that i can pick up that cargo then? If im only supposed to deliver to the Port? Still no green pickup point activation there, but i can se the trailer on the port... Im using ETS 2 Job Sync for my profile btw...
  4. Hello! I have made a short list of basic truck settings for FanaLEDs.
  5. Want to become a member of our VTC? Join us on www.pilgrimgaming.com and find the VTC link there!

    1. Dancool000


      Good Luck Recruiting :D

    2. Creatured


      if you're planning to spam the status update i wouldn't do it if i was you

    3. SteveTheCruel


      New link for our community! PilgrimGaming.com

  6. Hello! Every time i go to the Container Ports for jobs. Its no green activation marker showing to select jobs. But i see the trailers that can be transported. Whats wrong? Do i need to unlock the Container Port company or something? Tnx for all help!
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