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  1. Fantastic! Thanks to everybody who put the work in to give us the wintermod
  2. I personally prefer EU1 because people tend to take the simulation part more serious and actually stop at red lights, and last but not least watch right and left at a T junction. And I very much enjoy being in such good company. However I always end up feeling so lonely cause I rarely meet anyone, so most of the time I end up joining EU2, roll one up and get my chill on, then no one get on my nerves for driving unsafe and we all can have a great time. Win win.
  3. The restriction to Scandinavia only is done by SCS themselves, however, unless it's one of mods making it possible, I have had one outside Scandinavia, so if those showup in MP with no mods, I'm not sure whether the MP team will be aware of this and allow them to be taken outside Scandinavia if the destination for the trailer is outside of there. That said, I'm not sure which mod would allow me to have the destination outside Scandinavia since I'm not using any trailer mods, only a few truck modifications on my SP profile, guess we will see how that plays out in the future.
  4. How I see it, is that the first guy who overtook you had a lag and the guy behind him didn't give himself enough room so there was only one way that could go regardless of the scania driver in the oncoming lane. On top of that, I can see you were doing 60 which was the speedlimit on that road, so exceeding that is usually just asking for problems one way or another, so at the end of the day all 3 guys was at fault, but nothing rulebreaking as far as I can tell. However, I personally don't see anything to report in this clip, two idiots going over the speedlimit and a arrogant scania driver (as they tend to be) in the wrong lane for unknown reasons, it's tough to tell if it's on purpose or not, but this is just part of the daily fuckery in MP.
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