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  1. You have to ask SCS for this feature, TMP is only a MOD for multiplayer If you want features added like that, you have to ask the maker of the Game which is SCS Software, not TruckersMP. @rockman465372 @jtgaming_live
  2. Because anyone is free to connect to any server they wish. South americans are closer to US servers than Europe you know!
  3. Out of curiosity, what do you propose to do to resolve this problem?
  4. Geeez, how can you be so simple-minded !! You'll just get banned for that and the admin will have no sympathy for your sobbing story!!!
  5. Sysgen


    Va ici www.truckersmp.com/appeals et l'admin va te montrer le video.
  6. Sysgen


    Quel est la raison de ton ban? Parfois ils ban permanent pour te forcer a faire un changement soit a ton nom ou bien enlever une modification illégal a ton camion. As tu fais un appeal (https://truckersmp.com/appeals) et si oui, quel as ete la réponse du moderateur?
  7. Your first mistake was to stop behind him and report him for blocking. Remember this, "if there is room to pass, it isn't blocking" Second mistake is to be in Calais, on EU2 and expect players to behave properly. Go somewhere else and you will not experience "frauds" as you call it it but I do not agree with you on this. it isn't t fraud it's trolls ignoring the rules. Both situations you describe would not get you a ban if they ever reported you.
  8. Why do you think that creating another account would be allowed, then why have any rules, why have admins, let's just give all players the right to do anything they want! The bans are there to remove players such has you, that cannot follow the rules. It's not the account that is banned, it's you! Creating another account while you are still banned is called ban evading and is also not allowed.
  9. No personal identifiable information can be seen in this so it's fine I would say. What do you find wrong in there?
  10. What do you propose then? @weedebeast85 Complains then proposes nothing
  11. Sorry, I won't bother looking at your video. You've voiced your opinion, let's see if something changes.
  12. In my time of being an admin I've done thousands and thousands of reports and in game administration and I can tell you that speeding is responsible for most of the accidents submitted, yes you might be able to drive at high speed but the majority cannot. Go speed in SP.
  13. Essaie de taper ton e-mail dans notepad et fais un copier coller lorsque demander par le jeux.
  14. One question, who would drive the AI vehicles? Your PC? Or the server? If it's your PC then it cannot work. Let's say your local MP client spawns an AI car in front of you. The MP client now has to register the location of this AI car and send it to all other players 500 meters around you. Now what if another player near you also spawns an AI car in the same spot as you, or on top of your AI car? how do you control that, the local copy of your ets2 has no concept of multi player, so it will spawn ai wherever it feels. You have to ask yourself who controls the AI, your pc or the server. If it's the server then a huge AI engine would have to be coded, which in itself is a daunting task which I'm pretty sure mwl4 is not inclined to do.
  15. They don't ignore it. It's just impossible to keep up, there's just too many. But many get banned for that.
  16. Then you will lose 80-90% of your players. You will have got rid of bad players but the servers will be empty. Imagine doing this in real life, you miss a stop sign, boom, no permit for the rest of your life! Mistakes happen.
  17. Then Bye-bye your player base, you've never heard of a second chance! Since around 20K bans are given each month, how long you think before everyone is banned and screaming to you that they love this game and please please please unban me? Or on the opposite, get guys screaming and Insulting and even threaten you.
  18. Let me ask you a question, I see the troll being mentioned all the time but here it is. What is the difference between a "Troll" and a player that never read the rules and thinks it's OK to ram and block other players. in the first scenarion a troll knows the rules and intentionaly wants to annoye other players. In the second scenarion the player was just not aware of the rules because like most everyone , he didn't read the rules. Do you treat them the same? We've seen many players, once informed that what they did is illegal and not allowed become very good players. The troll should not get a second chance but as you can see it's not too obvious he is a troll. Trolls don't drive around with a Tag "I'm a troll, ban me" although I've seen that before. My point is that you have to give players a chance to redeem themselves. Sure we could ban everyone perm on the first offense! There wouldn't be much players left
  19. ^^ You need to increase the brake intensity in options and the car brakes as it should, this has been said often.
  20. I know what a bug is, I meant, please list the bugs aside from the economy bugs you've mentioned that are in the mod right now? Yes there is lag and desync but name me one online game that doesn't have any. I remember my Quake days, and lag was a common thing The MP Client only has 1 dev, mwl4, that's it. No one else understands how this works. Making this open source would just split the community into multiple small groups and just kill what has been built here in my opinion.
  21. Define bugs? Remember that this game is from SCS and is meant to be played in single player. The mod is a hack onto the single player game to make it work in Multiplayer so as far as I'm concerned, the multiplayer is really incredibly well done taking that into account. The dev has to poke into memory locations to read and write the location, speed, color, trailers, etc. of other players. I would never call that trivial ! You make it sound like you could "easily" fix what the dev has been tweaking for years. As for the job market "bug" it was explained in previous posts. Don't give up, this game is simply amazing and worth the little issues you might encounter. Just avoid the most busy places.
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