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    Trucks! - Training as a Heavy Vehicle Technician
    Computers - I've likes them for agees, I build them, repair and more :D
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  1. Happy birthday, Donald Flump! ;) 

  2. Awesome guys, Ghost mode is a brilliant idea! - Anyone having some trouble with front LED lights with the DLC though? Bravo chaps, only a few days - Very quick update!
  3. I think it would be awesome! It could also add realism with the VTC part of ETS2.
  4. Gaargh, i was in the remembrance convoy But heey, worth it for the less crashing!
  5. What did you do? All i do now is constantly crash all the time, along with graphical glitches when modifying my truck... I'm yet to be able to drive from my garage to the service and modify my truck without crashing...
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