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  1. modified the "Source_company" in "game.sii " and that changes the skin which works in MULTIPLAYER. When you open the game.sii you will a list of companies to choose from: 1-391 companies to choose from, so if you want to change the trailer skin to "sellplan" you copy "company.volatile.sellplan.wien" and paste it here^ So you edit this "source_company: company.volatile.nord_crown.bergen" to "company.volatile.sellplan.wien" Notice the company name been changed so now it will look like this This is all in your "game.sii" files so now you save!! and load your game and now you should have sellplan skin Btw I bought the Scandinavia DLC and those companies are now there!! so now I can change to the skins in your part 4 color list!!
  2. no i just modified the "Source_company" in "game.sii " and that changes the skin on the trailers btw your right the new DLC does add new companys!, I guess ill just have to buy it
  3. I did try that but when you go log in to multiplayer, it will load the default .sii file so the trailer will revert back to its original state, in this case "tree_et" I think its something to do with the game.sii file if I change Source_company: from" lkwlog.Amsterdam" to "scania_dlr.hannover" I get the Refrigerated VPC skin
  4. Sorry I mean for trailer krone not livestock, but no I don't see "aria foods" in "Def/company" Folder. only time I can see most of the skin trailers you showed on "trailer part 4" is on ai vehicles, I'm just trying to use those in Multiplayer
  5. Thanks!! this will come in handy!! I do have a question though, How do you change the trailers skin? I been trying to do this for a while now but it seems you have to change the "source_company:" in order to do so but I cant change the skin for example for "Aria skin" since it doesn't have a company source. Hell I've been trying to do "plain skin" but I keep hitting dead ends! Any help would be appreciated!! btw trying in multiplayer otherwise I could just use a mod
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