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  1. Hey,


    I thought I would have a say on this over the past 5-6 years being part of the community I would say watching the whole community grow to 1 million players to 2 million players 3,4 etc. It's really impressive and the thing is as well theres been other communities which were created to try and compete with TruckersMP which I will say none of them have succeeded which goes to show how hard it is to actually work and maintain a proper multiplayer mod. With how much effort and time which has gone into such a big community giving the players what they want and focusing on how they can improve it has really bought a lot of people to the community. Now, I am not saying this is mod is the most perfect thing in the world there are a couple of things like everything else which needs to improving but again it does take time and it's still in Alpha stage. However, back to the real question Where do I see TMP in the future? Well, if it keeps going at a rate as it is hopefully the community would of expanded with a lot more features to the players and hopefully will open a lot more doors for the staff team especially the developers and who knows they could be working with other 'game' developers to create something big. 

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  2. I would say to get a constant flow of traffic on the C-D road there are roads which lead of to nowhere I.e Petrol station near Calais there is a dead end road I would say build on these roads and then also put a traffic light system in place therefore it would hopefully make the traffic a lot more smoother 

  3. I've gotta admit I feel like this is a pointless role for the TruckersMP team. It would of worked out better if they had used a small team within the media team to cover streams. The way I see it a Stream role is really not needed nor is it important. 

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  4. Hello,


    To make a report on multiple people you would need to make multiple reports. As a report is only made for one person each. So the best you can do is get /pinfo <In game ID> of each member who was involved during the rule break. Screenshot the /pinfos and upload to the Imgur site. Then make sure you have evidence of the incident then make separate reports for each person. 

  5. Hello,


    So, the earnings which you make from a job in game is to be used in game where as money for things such as your vtc you cannot use this in game. I assume you're using VTLogger which currently doesn't have a system in place to spend the money earned for your vtc. So the answer is unfortunately no. 

  6. Hello,


    So this could mean several things. This could be photos or files which you've sent on messenger throughout your time on the forum and you've not yet cleared them. You would need to delete past pictures which you've sent from your files to actually clear your space. I would highly suggest looking through your messages and seeing what you've sent 

  7. 10 minutes ago, DJ Jefferz said:

    So GG you start by backseat moderating. 

    Data cleansing is fine. but the data cleansing of this survey is just biased and manipulated. Deleting a survey based on the fact they wern't willing to identify themselves is like pointing a gun at someones head and forcing them to say "TMP is the greatest community ever."

    I've covered several issues here but none of the staff want to listen. I've raised about the answers not covering fully and about how the TMP link is forcing us to identify ourselves and link us to the comments we make. This alone will not allow people to truly speak openly.

    But the staff decided to argue the points and make it up as they went along.

    You maybe covering issues. However, you're not exactly being helpful either. You're not giving us ideas on how we can make this better just complaining about it. Please just be grateful that you have this opportunity to give us feedback. It's a TMP ID dude, it's not like we're asking for your whole address. And Cheetah did not backseat moderate. I don't know what Backseat Moderating is to you but in Cheetahs comment there was none. 


    @TrademarkGamer We use numbers as College ID's. And yes a Number ID will direct you to the person who did the survey. 

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