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  1. kenmace

    wont conect

    dont lock the topic it hasnt been solved yet
  2. when i log on it says this can i get some help with this please
  3. Someone will get it fixed up for you really soon,And welcome to multiplayer.
  4. not completey true but im on my way to work ill let someone else explain
  5. some have a hard time passing without taking the nose of my truck off,I hate to see it with double trailers
  6. +1 Good to see whats in store for the future,Great motivator
  7. I feel the population must be way below what the real areas have
  8. the one he is speaking of they do support
  9. I just looked at the map and it says no one is on
  10. cant login either the server is down
  11. I think it should be up to the individual, if he wants to park his own trailer thats awesome,I take great pride in doing better with each back in,I do wait my turn and wish others would learn that as well ,As far as assisted parking,I know that does not happen in the real world,So that being said i enojoy doing it as close to real as I can,The practise is worth the effort,But ,I wont sit here and say the ideas that have been mentioned in this post are not good ones,As I said in the beginning its up to the driver how far he wants to take this hobby.Happy trucking. One last thing ,I dont know how many posts you see putting down rules of this game.Everything in this world has rules and i cant imagine what driving without admins and the rules they strongly encourage us to follow.Thank you for all you do to keep the wheels rolling.Lets remember that they dont get paid to do this,They do this to make our Hobby a better place to enjoy it Ok im done
  12. kenmace


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