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  1. Suggestion Name: Role Play company Suggestion Description:Hello all! I think you know what is "Role Play". It's gaming with roles. So, this idea visited me when I played GTA San-Andreas Multiplayer on the Role Play server. There was like a real world, where I was a policeman. So, then I decided to make my own company in ETS 2 MP, and I remembered that server where people played with roles. Someone was a medic, someone was a mayor of the city, someone was a bandit etc. So, I offer to make a Role Play server or a Role Play company and add new commands in chat and maybe make documents for a trailer: /do - description of the action by third persons (/do Denis has got documents for a trailer in folder) /me - when man is doing something by himself. (/me pulled documents for a trailer from the folder) /try - when man tried to do something. (/try opened the folder with documents [Done]/[Not done]) /showlicenses - command to show licenses/documents /showpassport - command to show passport of the driver. Thanks for attention, I tried to tell about my idea. Really would like to read your comments. Any example images: No. Why should it be added?: It could become more interesting to play and more realistic (especially in that moment, when someone of administrators is making a police car).
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