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  1. Joss0

    Road to Simulation

    ok so I just realised the non-limited servers have no collisions, wheres the fun now of trying to avoid accidents at high speed for the arcade players? can we at least get 1 server that is delimited and has collisions, call it an anarchy server if you want. again I feel like the devs have always been simulation players that don't understand their own playerbase, this is further evidence of this.
  2. Joss0

    Road to Simulation

    Awesome: I've wanted this for years, mind you it has been painfully obvious that the playerbase is seperated into simulation and arcade players for many years so kinda slow clap on that one. The argument to do this has been going on since we wanted the global 56mph limiter off. Maybe the devs can actually listen more now?
  3. yeah, whenever I have to setup a mic I open audacity in windows and make sure it's at an optimum level but obviously there's no wave or soundbar I can look at in the settings. seems kinda funny asking with all the distorted rage kids around but I want at least *my mic* to be right lol
  4. Is microphone level relative to microphone level in windows? I have it set to a 1/3rd as default in my system sound menus because it's about right, does ets2 override it or is it limited by the windows setting
  5. Joss0

    Mod manager issue

    Ok yeah cool the missing mods message seems to be bogus in the MP client, my leeds lad mods are still applied. Thanks for all your replies.
  6. Joss0

    Mod manager issue

    Do you think I should just ignore the missing mods warning message and try and load the MP profile? I've already been into single play a couple of times and saved. Just worried that it'll corrupt the profile somehow, had that happen a few times in the past. Come to think of it this might be what I attempted last time to fix, I'm surprised it isn't a more common problem with hybrid trucks and whatnot. edit: backed up my profiles I'm going to attempt to load it in a bit.. will be intersting to see whether it's A: fine, B: standard daf truck, C: crash
  7. I added another one of the leeds lad mods and my multiplayer mod manager is now completely blank, singleplayer still fine. I remember this happening when I added the first one but it fixed itself I think.
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