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  1. if anyone interest of join the RapidExpressLLC we are always open for anyone that are welcome discord steam groups we are hiring driver if anyone need to contact me feel free to on our email [email protected]

    or on discord  https://discord.gg/Xz4AW thanks for reading this if you guys are interest we are the friendly company and new for everyone to feel free welcome -RapidExpressLLC - Manager

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    2. Sven67


      I more work for a company in ets 2 so you can not join you'll call your friends if anyone is interested

    3. NightOfTheWings


      its for both we have set up vtc on ats and euro but thanks for some time to talk lol im trying everything best i no there alot people with groups or company im just respect for people if they do want to join that  would be nice if not that cool im not here to fight we are friendly for everyone no matter what

    4. Sven67


      Of course if you want to organize a public convoy can join you just write in private message ;)

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