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  1. [ST] Lilloote [FR]

    Let's Look Back

    @[TAL Founder] BlackSkill Wow, thank you for the memories ! I actually have a live footage from the Scandinavian convoy which was in September (not in October ) where we can see the place you took your photos : (And yes the framerate is low at the beginning and the end of the video but MP was not working well with 50+ people on my PC at that time) I also have a very long video from the 2016 official Christmas convoy (12 hours are available out of the whole convoy which lasted 16 hours because of YouTube replay system) :
  2. When a new DLC is out and the game is on sale :


  3. OMG I think I never saw so many people connected at the same time :o

  4. [ST] Lilloote [FR]

    Server Funding

    I can't imagine how busy the Calais-Duisburg road will be
  5. [ST] Lilloote [FR]

    The problem with running

    Try to open your Steam software (make it visible on your screen) then click on "Launch ETS2". You should see a popup when you click on Steam.
  6. [ST] Lilloote [FR]

    Multiplayer not working

    Tick the "Run as administrator" box in Compatibility tab of TruckersMP (right click on the shortcut and "Properties")
  7. [ST] Lilloote [FR]

    Version Released

    YES ! Thank you mwl !
  8. [ST] Lilloote [FR]

    Version Released

    When Scandinavia DLC came out we were able to play instantly but with Vive la France it seems it's not possible
  9. [ST] Lilloote [FR]

    ETS2Map Megathread

    I tried to use my follow link like I always do to send my position to a friend but it displays a 404 error
  10. [ST] Lilloote [FR]

    Open Bêta 1.26 ETS2

    Quelques petits screens en jeu : Je m'attendais à ce qu'ils refassent aussi les autres villes que Paris mais ça n'a pas l'air d'être le cas. Cartes : In-game (j'en rajoute au fur et à mesure) :
  11. [ST] Lilloote [FR]

    Version Released

    You must move the topic to Development Announcements
  12. When EU#2 is offline : dd575b4959884db1a30e48f7fab5e44a.png

    1. ismail_


      Same lag and ping problem mate. :) 

    2. [Интегра] ResTed

      [Интегра] ResTed

      Work is underway because of problems on the server.

    3. Cyrusj


      Should be back up now.

  13. [ST] Lilloote [FR]

    file path

    You can also keep WinRAR when your free trial expired because you just have to close the window that says you to buy the complete software to continue to use WinRAR with all the features.
  14. [ST] Lilloote [FR]

    Vos setup (matériel, bureau, ordinateur..)

    Non justement, il met sur ta clé USB ou sur un disque les fichiers pour installer Windows, exactement comme le disque que tu as quand tu l'achètes en magasin : il te fait une installation propre. L'installation de Windows est mal faite quand tu fais une mise à jour de l'OS sans le réinstaller complètement (l'outil de mise à jour vers Windows 10 en fait). Si tu as des problèmes avec Windows 10, ça vient surtout de l'utilisation que tu fais de ton PC, et parfois de l'OS lui-même. Bref, arrêtons de parler de ça ici on fait du hors-sujet ^^