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  1. [ST] Lilloote [FR]

    Let's Look Back

    @[TAL Founder] BlackSkill Wow, thank you for the memories ! I actually have a live footage from the Scandinavian convoy which was in September (not in October ) where we can see the place you took your photos : (And yes the framerate is low at the beginning and the end of the video but MP was not working well with 50+ people on my PC at that time) I also have a very long video from the 2016 official Christmas convoy (12 hours are available out of the whole convoy which lasted 16 hours because of YouTube replay system) :
  2. When a new DLC is out and the game is on sale :


  3. OMG I think I never saw so many people connected at the same time :o

  4. [ST] Lilloote [FR]

    Server Funding

    I can't imagine how busy the Calais-Duisburg road will be
  5. [ST] Lilloote [FR]

    The problem with running

    Try to open your Steam software (make it visible on your screen) then click on "Launch ETS2". You should see a popup when you click on Steam.
  6. [ST] Lilloote [FR]

    Multiplayer not working

    Tick the "Run as administrator" box in Compatibility tab of TruckersMP (right click on the shortcut and "Properties")
  7. [ST] Lilloote [FR]

    Virtual Trucking Manager

    I don't remember how I solved the problem. Maybe it was by installing another software using telemetry files because I had to add these files manually in ETS2 folder and when I opened once again VTMLive the problem was resolved because it didn't have to install telemetry files. You can also try to give telemetry files to your member (located in game_directory/bin/win_x64/plugins and game_directory/bin/win_x86/plugins) and tell him to put these files at the same place.
  8. [ST] Lilloote [FR]

    Version Released

    YES ! Thank you mwl !
  9. [ST] Lilloote [FR]

    Version Released

    When Scandinavia DLC came out we were able to play instantly but with Vive la France it seems it's not possible
  10. [ST] Lilloote [FR]

    ETS2Map Megathread

    I tried to use my follow link like I always do to send my position to a friend but it displays a 404 error
  11. [ST] Lilloote [FR]

    Open Bêta 1.26 ETS2

    Quelques petits screens en jeu : Je m'attendais à ce qu'ils refassent aussi les autres villes que Paris mais ça n'a pas l'air d'être le cas. Cartes : In-game (j'en rajoute au fur et à mesure) :
  12. [ST] Lilloote [FR]

    Version Released

    You must move the topic to Development Announcements
  13. When EU#2 is offline : dd575b4959884db1a30e48f7fab5e44a.png

    1. ismail_


      Same lag and ping problem mate. :) 

    2. [Интегра] ResTed

      [Интегра] ResTed

      Work is underway because of problems on the server.

    3. Cyrusj


      Should be back up now.

  14. [ST] Lilloote [FR]

    Virtual Trucking Manager

    Hello ! I downloaded VTMLive and I tried to do what you wrote on this page but I have an "Access denied" error message from Windows when I click on "Install plugin" button because ATS and ETS2 are installed in Program Files (x86) so they are protected with admin system. I also can't launch the .application file as administrator (because Compatibility tab is not available in Properties) and when I launch the software with .exe file as administrator, it doesn't launch. What can I do to use VTMLive ?