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  1. Happy Birthday! :))

  2. Boesh

    Lag spikes

    Hello, So it seems like the problem has fixed itself. I had those lagspikes for 2 to 3 weeks now, and when I launched TMP to answer @MrJonton01 [GER]'s question yesterday, it worked totally fine. Even after multiple restarts of both TMP and my computer everything works like it should, don't know how it's been fixed, but it's working again. Thanks for all the replies, happy trucking :).
  3. Boesh

    Lag spikes

    Hello, tried this, but it didn't work. Again, I don't think that this has to do with my computer or connection at all,the game runs fine in SP and ATSMP runs fine aswell. I really think it has to do be a problem within the TMP mod.I did a bit of research, and saw some posts with the some problem as I have. None of them has been solved. The conclusion of almost all these posts was that it was a bug within the TMP mod, but appereantly it's still there. Again, ofcourse I'm not 100% sure if its a bug, but I highly doubt it has something to do on my side. Posts: And a few more, but can't find them for now for some reason...
  4. Boesh

    Lag spikes

    Hello, Tried all these things, but the problem still occurs. I've made a video where Im driving on a almost empty space of the map, with 2 or 3 people near me. In the video you can see that the lag spikes happen out of nowhere, and that after it the game runs smoothly with 60 FPS again (Shadowplay is limited to 30 FPS). I don't know if the video will help, but I hope it will! Tried ATSMP aswell, but the game runs just fine there, both SP and MP. My guess is that it has something to do with the servers of MP itself? I remember that I had to update TMP a few days ago, and the problem started around that same time. (I've downloaded the last update again with F1 aswell). The lag spikes are even there whilst im still in the queue. My guess is that it has something to do with the servers, but maybe I'm wrong? (I'm not an expert ). Again, in SP and ATSMP everything works just fine. It's just the ETS2 servers (tried the EU1, 2 and 3 servers, all have the same problem).
  5. Boesh

    Lag spikes

    Hello, Thanks for the replies! Sadly the problem still occurs. Its weird as it worked 1 time, but when I launched the game the second time the problem was back again, but when I tried all the solutions listed above again the problem was still there.
  6. Boesh

    Lag spikes

    So since a few days my game has lag spikes every x seconds, for literally no reason. I'm playing with the MP mod for almost 3 years now, and Ive never had such a problem. When I play on singleplayer the game works just fine. The lag spikes occur every 10/15 seconds, doesn't matter if I'm in a busy area or if im driving in a area with no one around me. It's the only MP game that has this problem. My pc specs are far above the required specs aswell. It isn't the autosave feature, as I turned that off and it still occurs (I don't see a spinning ball with ''auto saving'' at the top aswell). Tested my internet aswell, but that seems fine aswell. I'm using a wired connection. For the ones interested, my PC specs: Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 Intel Core I5 6600K 8GB RAM 500GB HDD, 100GB SSD (ETS2 is installed on the SSD). Nvidia drivers are up-to-date. Can someone help me out? I have tried everything, re-installed TMP and the game itself, deleted all my profiles, fired all my drivers, etc.
  7. Thanks! Hoef ik nu niet meer de browser open te laten met de radio aan
  8. This is a good thing if you ask me, the roads in the game aren't meant as race tracks, if you want to drive 200 km/h play Forza Horizon or so...
  9. Boesh Released

    Thanks for the update!
  10. Boesh Released

    Multiplayer doesn't work for me since the new update, throws up an error when I try to launch the launcher... Already reinstalled TMP and TMP launcher but doesnt work. Anyone knows how to fix this?
  11. Boesh Released

    I can't launch Multiplayer since the new update. When I start the launcher I get an error.... I've already reinstalled TMP and the TMP launcher but still throws up this error, anyone knows how to fix this?
  12. Good luck! Hope it wont be hard because of the new cargo DLC
  13. Boesh Released

    Wow that was fast... Thanks for the update!
  14. Boesh Released

    Game keeps crashing after the update... Hope you guys will release a fix soon! Thanks for the awesome work TruckersMP team
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