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  1. It would be cool if TMP added a Scania T Series into the game. Even just a patreon only vehicle it would be sick. Let me know what you think either if you like the idea or not left a photo if anyone is unsure what I'm talking about
  2. I do like winter but without the physics cause its a pain in the arse and causes accidents and also just a basic summers day
  3. What would be cool is some rigid trucks that you can do jobs in
  4. i like having cars in the game as it adds another type of vehicle to the roads instead of just trucks. if there was ai in tmp then it would be better but i know that wont happen anytime soon so we just have to stick with people driving the car around. Even if they arnt the best driver or the cars controls are funky its still great to have that extra vehicle type whilst trucking
  5. really nice feature and i hope to use it often thank you
  6. id love a hennessey mammoth 1000 TRX v8 supercharged 1000+ bhp dont mind if i do https://i.imgur.com/EUZ9HGf.png
  7. true it is very annoying and the fact that there isnt much we can do but report them and even then reports just expire cause there isnt enough staff to deal with the insane amount of reports.
  8. Honestly it is the people who dont understand or know about basic road rules and just spoil it for everyone.
  9. i mostly use truckersfm as it gives the traffic updates which is pretty cool but sometimes the music on there isn't my type so i just stick spotify on
  10. they could if its possible to put a gas station on the other side of the road too and have barrier in the middle of the road so you can only go into the gas station on your side of the road, it may work
  11. got it and i love the season mods they bring to enhance the simulation
  12. love the new Duisburg but there is a few bugs that still need ironing out, I know you cant really remove the lag because there is just so many people that are there it is bound to lag. But getting out the new service station can be tricky when its a busy day. I heard there is a also a bridge that is too low for some cargos
  13. I love to take young seedlings as its only 3t but i only take that when im going down cd road
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